This Is How A Criminal Record Affects Your Finances

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how a criminal record affects your finances

A criminal record can impact your life in more ways than one. Lots of people think about one thing when getting arrested, spending a night in jail, but the repercussions go much deeper than that.

The impact of a criminal record can impact your life professionally, financially, and, of course, personally.

The Professional Impact

Every job application you will ever make requires background checks to be undertaken. It depends on the job, but most employers will frown upon any sort of criminal record, especially if you are working with vulnerable people.

When applying for any role, it’s vital that you disclose upfront if you have a criminal history. Your openness and honesty to discuss it will either help your application, or it will hinder it, but it’s a legal requirement that you disclose it.

The other thing to consider is the impact on your current employer. Depending on the nature of the crime, it could land you in serious hot water. A crime like fraud is going to result in instant termination. Even a night in the cells, when you work a modest office job, could have a detrimental impact on your ability to climb the career ladder.

The Financial Impact

The big cost is in hiring an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys charge different amounts depending on the crime itself. Many attorneys charge competitive rates, but as the severity of the crime increases, so does the cost. But there are always free consultations to be had, the law offices of Hope Lefeber is one such practice that you can telephone for a consultation.

Of course, it’s better to find an attorney that has a wealth of experience in the crime you have committed. While it’s tempting to go for a cheaper attorney, they may be cheaper because they have insufficient experience in defending criminals based on your charges.

And it’s not just crimes, your insurance premiums couldn’t be greatly affected if you commit a driving offense. This is more than a good reason to drive safely and within the speed limit!

The Personal Impact

You don’t have to go far to imagine what the personal impact on your life might be if you were to have a criminal record. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could find yourself in hot water with loved ones, and trust may be severely compromised.

It could very well have a personal impact on your relationships with friends, and you might find yourself losing many. On the other hand, you might find out who your true friends are. The personal impact of being fired from your job is substantial too.

Because of one simple offense, depending on your employer, if they’ve got a justifiable reason to fire you, they can do so as it is their prerogative, and it could take a long time to get your life back on track.

We don’t need to tell you that one little criminal offense could have a devastating impact on your life, from messing up future employment possibilities to ruining friendships. While a night in the slammer is particularly unpleasant, you really need to consider the other effects a criminal record can have.