How To Improve Your Productivity At Work

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improve your productivity at work

Some days in the workplace seem to just grind to a halt. Whether it’s because there are inherent issues within the work environment or you just don’t feel like working (too many late nights), productivity will suffer.

Deadlines will be missed, clients will be unhappy, and your job satisfaction will be nil. Welcome to another unproductive day.

Ever had that experience?

It’s common to many of us, but there are things we can do about it. Here are our essential tips for improving productivity at work.

Get your beauty sleep

If you stumble into work exhausted each day, it’s clear something is wrong. Either the daily commute took its toll on you, or you haven’t been getting the sleep you need. To be in tip-top shape for your day at work, you do need to get your body clock in order by going to sleep at a decent time.

Have a plan

If you start the day with a lack of focus, you may prioritize the wrong tasks. Therefore, make a list of everything you have to do during the day, and use a to-do list app to help you keep track of the important stuff before it slips your mind. Aim to complete all your priority tasks during the first half of your day, and then move on to the less essential jobs when they have been completed.

Check your computer systems

Before any issues arise on your computer network, get on top of them before they become an issue using network monitoring software. IT failure could severely limit your productivity during the day, so it is essential everything is running smoothly to help you stay on task.

Practice the art of delegation

You don’t delegate tasks because you can’t be bothered doing something. You delegate tasks to help you get on with the things that are key to your job role, so you aren’t spending your time working on something that should be covered elsewhere. Whether it’s to somebody on your team or through outsourcing, pass on any jobs that are preventing you from getting on with what you should be doing.

Don’t engage in idle chit-chat

Office banter is a real productivity killer. Yes, it’s good to have social contact with your colleagues, but only focus on conversations that are relevant to work during official working hours, and leave any other type of conversation to break times. Which leads us nicely onto the next point.

Take a break

You have a lot of work on your desk, but your mind will get scrambled and overwhelmed if you don’t take a break once in a while. So, give yourself a break at appropriate intervals, whether that’s an hour for lunch or a short stroll around the office to stretch your legs occasionally. Your mind will feel refreshed and you will be able to concentrate on getting back to the task at hand.

Avoid distractions

Aside from your co-worker regaling you with an account of the latest recipe he has found on the internet (that idle chit-chat we mentioned), there are bound to be other things that distract you. From Facebook to personal phone calls, stay away from those things that are going to take you away from what you need to be getting on with.

It’s not easy to stay productive, but these simple tips should help you stay on track. Now, stop reading this (unless it’s your break time) and get back to work. Have a good day!