Ideas for Boosting Sales at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

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Ideas for Boosting Sales at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Brick-and-mortar isn’t dying; it’s evolving. Today’s stores emphasize customer experience to stay ahead of online retailers. Implementing these ideas for boosting sales at brick-and-mortar retailers will help your business be a part of this new wave of shops.

Pop-up Store

Pop-up stores are a great way to change up the space to create an exciting new experience for returning customers, and it’s very effective at bringing in new customers, too. Pop-ups are all the rage now, and people tend to post on their social media platforms when they visit them. You’ll even get free marketing out of it! Picking the right theme for your area and clientele will help ensure that a crowd will gather on the first day. And since they’re temporary, pop-ups cost less than an entire store remodel.


Sometimes, people need help knowing your store is there. When people check their GPS for nearby stores and your store doesn’t show up, that potential customer may choose to visit a competitor. Consumers rely on GPS and search engines to find stores they’re looking for. Ensure you show up in a search.

Unique Store Visuals and Interior Design

Since a brick-and-mortar loses the convenience battle with online sales, you should maximize what makes an in-person store unique from the internet. Taking advantage of the physical space can create a unique shopping experience. At the end of the day, customers go to brick-and-mortars for an experience.

Hiring an interior decorator to give the store its own style creates a high-end finish for luxury stores. But if your store doesn’t want to bring in a professional decorator, investing in eye-catching signage and other visuals can help give your store a signature look. Also, working within a specific color scheme can build your brand by having customers associate particular colors with your business.

Loyalty Program

Customers want to feel seen. They want their store to enjoy their business as much as they enjoy shopping. A loyalty program rewards customers that come back to the store time and time again.

Relationship Marketing

The greatest advantage that a brick-and-mortar has over online stores is the human connection. Customers come into your store to connect, and building a personal relationship with shoppers will create loyalty for the brand.

Encourage your staff to learn more about products to become experts who can help unsure customers make decisions. Also, make sure to emphasize customer service among your employees. Customers will notice if your staff members go above and beyond.

Now that you’ve explored ideas for boosting sales at brick-and-mortar retailers, your business can evolve and grow the way you’ve always wanted.