4 Tips You Need To Know About Making A Career Change

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making a career change

Sometimes as we navigate various career options, we realize what once made us happy doesn’t anymore. And frankly, life is too short to be stuck in jobs that don’t make us happy. While financial responsibility is usually at the heart of the work decision we make, and rightly so, it doesn’t stop you from making smart choices regarding making a move to another job.

The easiest time to find work, perhaps unsurprisingly is while you are already in a job. This shows you are employable straight away – handy.

So here are a few things to do, in order to prep yourself for making a smooth career move.

Comparable pay

Make sure the pay is comparable – or at least cover all of the essentials. If you are in a job that currently covers all of your monthly bills with a little left over then try and wait for a career opportunity that matches that. It can be tempting just to leave regardless of the pay but in reality, when it’s time to pay the bills that won’t seem like a such a good idea.

Look for progression

Look for a position with room to move upwards, while it might seem like a brilliant idea to go in as manager, what is available after you have put a few years in at that level? If you’ve left yourself no space, then you will likely be in the same position in a few years from now too.

Is your CV saying what you think it is saying? Before you start sending your CV anywhere, have a good read of it. Are there things on there that are relevant to the positions you want to apply for? Can you openly and honestly explain any gaps on there? Spend some time gathering some opinions and advice from professionals on the matter. Tailor each CV and cover letter to the companies you are applying to.

Go the entrepreneurial route

Don’t rule out starting a business of your own, or investing in a franchise. There are so many options out there from starting a blog, vlog or writing eBooks to opening a food or home care franchise. It is worth exploring what the possibilities are and if you might be able to start one up as a side project while keeping your current day job. The side hustle is an ideal way to test the waters without having to leave the security you currently have.

Keep focused

It is really easy to start to stray from your original new career idea and be tempted to settle for something just because it pays a little more. In the long run, you are looking for career satisfaction and a healthy monthly paycheck. Make a note of all the careers that interest you and do some research, just cause they look great in the movies doesn’t mean they’re going to be as good as you think they are.

Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it. – Katharine Whitehorn