Making Money As You Upgrade Your Office

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Making Money As You Upgrade Your Office

The office is the home of your business. Employees should feel as if it could be their home away from home but quite. The office should feel professional, yet part of your company culture. You might want to buy leather seats for you law firm, or perhaps metal mesh seats for your fast-paced insurance company. The decor is part and parcel of your professional life so taking it seriously helps to improve your company culture.

And yet all your infrastructure and logistics are part of the same thing. They too are things that you will need to keep upgrading as your company culture and business success rise. Today is that day. If you have come to the point where you’re seriously thinking about an overhaul of your business regarding these things, you stand to make some money. Or rather, you won’t be making as big a loss as you would if your threw everything in a dump.

Don’t bring the sledgehammer

Office chairs, tables, keyboards, mice and even things like lamps and pen cups are not things you should throw away. Maybe you don’t need the current things you have but another small business might. Micro and small businesses don’t have large budgets, thus they need office furniture that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Selling your office equipment to companies that specifically buy second hand equipment will allow you to keep the sledgehammer at home. Rather than breaking things up to throw away in the trash outside your office, you can haul them away and make a little money out of them. To stand a better chance of them being taken, clean them to make them as presentable as you can and tighten any loose screws etc.

The hard stuff

Hardware is one of the most wanted things in any business. Small businesses struggle to buy hardware they need such as servers, hard drives, printers, copiers, telephones and scanners. It’s also difficult to get rid of some things as some garbage companies will charge you for certain things that need treatment before they are made safe to put into landfills. Checkout the service for server recycling as this company often gives to charity, helps those that actually need the hardware and pick up the hardware themselves. They also perform on-site destruction of the hardware so you don’t have to worry about any kind of data hacking or stealing. 

Office decor is hot

Modern businesses all have some kind of office seating area. Sofas that are meant for employees to relax and get a break from work are quite a hot market. If you have this kind of seating that you don’t need, then you should be selling it off to office decor companies. They will happily buy your seating from you and put it up for sale at a discount to get customers through the door. 

As you clear out your office, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Make some money from the things you no longer need and help out smaller businesses that could things like servers, chairs and office equipment.