How Is A Quality Assurance Inspection Performed?

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quality assurance inspection

Whether you are a builder of the buyer of a building, your main goal when building a building should be quality. In order to ensure that the building is built as well as possible, you have an option to hire a quality assurance inspector from companies like

However, if you’re unsure what a quality assurance inspector can do for you, read on to learn why it is an important component of the building process. Even though it is not obligatory, it can tell you a lot about the quality and value of the works done on the building.

The Soil Inspection

The soil that a building is built is important because not all types of soil can withstand the weight of a building, particularly if it is a tall building. Clay and black cotton soil tend to expand and contract depending on the water content in them, which makes them less than ideal soil for building.

This kind of inspection should be performed before building begins, so you should be able to get an assessment if the soil quality even before you start the whole process.

Inspecting the Structural Design

If you are not an architect or a structural engineer, chances are that you can’t properly read the structural design of a building. However, an expert quality assurance inspector should be able to determine how well it was designed.

There are several things that need to be accounted for, but in California, one of the most important things is resistance to earthquakes of certain magnitudes.

The Building Materials

The durability of the building, as well as its structural integrity, are largely determined by the quality of materials that are used during construction. That’s why it is vital that all materials are checked and approved by a qualified expert.

The most common building material used in the modern construction industry is concrete. It is therefore important to keep its quality constant throughout the construction. The best way to ensure that is by using a pre-made mix, rather than making the mix on the spot.

Wall Thickness

The layout of the building specifies most of the things, including the thickness of the walls. Professional inspectors have equipment which can accurately measure whether the actual thickness of the walls corresponds to the stated one. The thickness of the walls is directly responsible for the stability and endurance of your building, which is why you should not neglect this aspect of the building.

Safety Features

If you are building a commercial building, it will need to pass certain tests in order to be certified for use. More specifically, these buildings need to comply with fire and earthquake safety rules, which include having enough fire escapes easy access for the fire department and other safety features.

The Elevators

This is particularly important in very tall buildings, because the fall from a certain height may result in serious injury or even death of the occupants of the elevator. Quality assurance inspection is there to ensure that all the elevators are properly installed and that they are safe for use.

In most cases, the builder is responsible for choosing the elevator installation company, which means that they need to check the license of the company hired for that job.

There are other things that quality assurance inspectors need to do, but this is just a glimpse into the scope of the job that they do. If they notice that something is off, you can change it before the building is opened to the public and you become responsible for any and all damages which happen there. Just make sure that you choose a qualified and experienced quality assurance inspector.