Reasons Why Employee Shuttles Are Great for Business

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Reasons Why Employee Shuttles Are Great for Business

These are uncertain times for many industries, which is why many employers are trying to keep their best employees happy. The gesture can be small—a grateful email for a job well done—or something that really makes a difference, like an easier way for them to get to the office.

The practice of providing workers with transportation is growing in popularity, and employers are finding more reasons why employee shuttles are great for business. By taking over their daily commute to and from a bus stop, train station, or any pickup point, you can eliminate considerable stress for your workers. They’ll have more downtime and clearer minds that can positively impact productivity, not to mention office morale.

Depending on the size of your company, you can look into the cost of owning your own shuttle bus, which will also get plenty of use outside of commuting, as you can use for offsite meetings, office retreats, or airport runs for out-of-town visitors. Or you can consult with an area transportation service about what’s involved in using a shuttle for rush hour commutes.


Less time driving means less time for potential accidents, especially if employees are tired or late. And specifically, right now, a shuttle bus can limit your workers’ exposure to the crush of public transportation. In a private shuttle, you know who the passengers are and when they were last tested. There’s even space to stagger seating for social distancing. With regular cleaning and PPE equipment, it can prevent spreading sickness that can disrupt your entire office.

Quality of Life

The daily commute has the potential for so many hazards that it can lead to higher cholesterol, blood pressure, and anxiety. Employees spend stressful hours in traffic—time that’s not spent with their families or on the job. That sense of lowered life satisfaction can be mitigated with a comfortable ride, a break from pressure, and a chance to breathe. And all of that makes employees better on the job.

Newfound Time

The interior of a comfortable shuttle bus is the perfect place for your workers to take advantage of the extra time to work on a presentation, check emails, or plan for the day ahead. Then again, it’s also a perfect place for a power nap, and you can’t begrudge them that.

Better Hires

While keeping your current employees happy, a shuttle bus can lead to better quality new hires, too. You can draw from a larger pool of qualified candidates if they don’t have to worry about the hassle of an unwieldy commute. And a shuttle bus can raise your company’s reputation as a great place to work with thoughtful extras and a progressive way of doing things.

There are many reasons why employee shuttles are great for business, but above all, they are a daily, practical way to say, “Thanks.”