Review of the Westgate New York Grand Central

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Westgate New York Grand Central

New York City is one of the busiest places on the planet. Due to this, people from all over take trips to the Big Apple throughout the year to discover what NYC is all about. With so much to consider, however, it can be difficult to know how to best navigate the city and plan out your trip. One of the most difficult decisions to make is where to stay. If you’re looking for a room you can use to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, the Westgate New York Grand Central is a perfect fit.

There are a number of reasons to consider this hotel for your upcoming trip. Take a look at these benefits and discover what awaits you.


First and foremost, location is everything when it comes to New York City. The city is a sprawling metropolis and getting from one place to another can be a project in some cases. When selecting a hotel, you want to make sure it is situated in a prime location. The Midtown East Westgate is located in the heart of Manhattan. The hotel is close to a number of big attractions like Times Square, the Empire State Building, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center. What’s more, there are a number of transportation options here to help you get around.

The best part about the Westgate New York Grand Central is that it is a sanctuary from the crowds on the streets. Despite being in the center of the action, the hotel feels like a private getaway. Once you’ve had your daily fill of running around and experiencing the madness NYC has to offer, you can disappear back to your room and unwind for the next day’s adventure.


Though New York City is many things, clean is not a word many would use to describe it. With so many people walking the streets each day, it is easy for things to get grimy. While this is true of the city streets, it definitely should not be true of your hotel. The Westgate Hotel New York: Midtown Manhattan Hotel is a pristine and welcoming place to stay during your trip. The rooms are clean and modern, making it feel like you’re in your own private NYC apartment.

A trip to New York City is one to remember. In order to make the most of your adventure, be sure to take time to think about your accommodations. Explore what the Westgate New York Grand Central has to offer and get set to book your stay.