Road to Success: 5 Ways to Create a More Generous Company

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Road to Success: 5 Ways to Create a More Generous Company

As the line between nonprofits and corporations blur, it’s important to notice how much companies and organizations are thriving upon a collaborative, transparent, and generous environment. People are more motivated by the desire to make an impact—whether that means working for a company that allows them to do so or by supporting organizations that do. If you want to make sure that your company is keeping up with this ideal, take a look at a few of our favorite ways to create a more generous company.

Plan Charitable Giving in Advance

This tip is something that both families and corporations can use, as it simply asks people to plan charitable giving in advance. Planning your giving for the year can seem like an overwhelming feat, but it actually helps ensure that your company follows through on generous actions. Tips such as setting your schedule, getting the whole company involved (not just one specific sector), and understanding what your chosen charities need will help your organization focus on the process and benefits of generosity.

Partner Up with Smaller Organizations

If you really want to make an impact, then try to partner up with smaller organizations. This can happen in a variety of ways. You could partner with a lol nonprofit and help them succeed, or you could pair up with similar, smaller companies to your own and volunteer with them. The partnership will help the whole company understand how important is to help others in a variety of ways. It can help employees get out of their own heads and focus on the power of helping “outsiders.”

Lead by Example

A generous personality and mindset for a company start at the top. If you want your employees to live and act generously both at work and outside of work, then you have to show them that’s the goal by acting generously yourself. It’s necessary to realize that for your company to be a sustainable and responsible place, you have to put in the hard work as well. You can’t just say that’s what you want but not follow through on the actions as well.

Develop Giving Guidelines

A generous company gives but is smart about it. In your goal to become a more generous company, don’t forget about educating yourself and your employees about where money and time are going. Where your money goes your reputation follows, so stay educated on what and who you’re supporting.

Create a Giving Fund—and Use It

Generosity in a company also means being generous with your employees. This is the perfect way to make a meaningful impact on an employee’s life. If someone is going through a hard time, ask other employees for money and match it as a company. This will be the Giving Fund and what you can provide to that person in need.

As much as you want to focus on growing your company, you have to realize that a successful and sustainable company relies on helping others to help themselves. More than ever, people want to work for and support an organization that’s supporting others. Make your company more generous and implement these tips!