6 Key Signs Your Company Is Stuck In The Past

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signs your company is stuck in the past

To become a successful business in this day and age, it’s so important to stay up to date with advancements in your industry and use them to stay relevant. Something that worked for you at the beginning and may have worked for years is unlikely to work now – after all, things are moving faster than they ever have in the past.

If your company is stuck in the past, then your results will be too. Something has to give if you’re going to be a company worthy of making more money and getting more customers.

Here are some signs your company is stuck in the past, and some ideas on what you can do to remedy it.

You Have A Fax Machine

Unless you’re keeping the fax machine in the office as some kind of artefact that everybody marvels at from time to time, you really have no reason to have these in the office. Good businesses do not use these, so you should never expect anybody to fax you something over. Ever heard of an email? We also have scanners. Use them.

You Use The Telephone As Your Main Form Of Communication

People don’t tend to like talking on the phone very often. Sure, if you have an important topic to bring up or it’s long-winded, give somebody a call. However, email is usually sufficient. Calling, especially cold-calling, can really put people out and make them not want to work with your business at all. Using the phone occasionally is fine, but it should never be your main form of communication.

You’re Only Accepting A Few Forms Of Payment

There are many forms of payment a business can take these days. If you’re a physical business that only accepts cash, then you’re behind. People prefer to pay with their cards! It may be a little more costly for you, but you’ll make more sales. Read up on managed payables to see why this is the sort of thing your business should incorporate ASAP.

You Print A Lot Of Stuff

There’s really no need to be printing much in this day and age. Think of the trees! Anything you need to do can be done online. Presentations are done online, and you can scan and keep important documents on the cloud or using other software before recycling or reusing the paper.

Your Website Isn’t Getting The Results You Want

If your website looks outdated and is difficult to use, you need an overhaul. Not sure whether it needs one? Take a look at the websites if businesses you know are doing well. Look at your competitors. What’s the difference? What works better? A quality website will cost a lot of money, but it’s an important investment.

You Aren’t Thinking Mobile

You shouldn’t even be thinking of desktop websites first and foremost. You should be thinking of mobile sites. Mobile is where it’s at in 2018, with most people using their mobile devices to search and purchase. A responsive site should be the first of your worries!

Is your company stuck in the past?