Stupendously Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House

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Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House

Imagine being able to save money while not reducing what you spend. How about being a couple of hundred dollars a month better off. Both of these are more easily achieved than you think. Here we’ll provide some ideas about ways to save money around the house that you’ll actually notice virtually instantly.

Hydrate Nature’s Way

Flavored and fizzy drinks, teas, and coffees can be expensive. Replacing some of your fluid intake with water is a great way to save money and boost your health. Get yourself a good looking BPA free plastic water bottle so you can always have a drink on you, and remove the need to purchase expensive bottled water.

Cook Intelligently

Whether it’s an overpriced snack at a local coffee shop or pre-packaged treats from the store, you can often create a homemade alternative for less money. For example, you can make a whole tray of cookies or brownies for close to the price of a single cookie at a fancy coffee shop.

Search recipes according to what you have in your cupboards. There are free websites that let you search recipes depending on your ingredients. This can be a great solution to looking in the cupboard and thinking you have nothing to eat.

Shop Smartly

It’s too easy to walk around a grocery store and just chuck things in the cart you think you need, and usually several items you don’t need as well. Use a communal shopping list on your fridge, or a digital shared app, and add items to it as they run out. It provides a quick point of reference so you’re never caught unprepared in the store with a hungry belly and credit card.

Recycle Your Waste

Some places offer you money for recycling certain waste items that most homes produce. You could even consider getting a briquette press and turn your waste into an efficient way of generating your own power. It’s not only cheaper, but better for the environment too.

Swap Out Expensive Brands

There are very few items that can’t be swapped out for a cheaper alternative. Whether it’s medication or cereals try the generic brands first and watch your shopping bills tumble.

Maintain Your House

Small problems become big problems if they are left alone. Take care of small repair jobs and maintenance regularly to avoid any big bills further down the line. Spend a little time learning how to maintain your filters and appliances could save on costly repairs.

Plugging all the holes and gaps around doors and windows can help to reduce your electric bills.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Late fees and interest can quickly add up to scandalous amounts. Most banks offer a service where you can schedule payments to be regularly made so you’re never late. Save money to pay your auto insurance bi-annually or annually, as making the payment in full is often cheaper than monthly.


Make a list of all your regular bill payments. Most suppliers will want to keep your business and a friendly call to ask what you can do to reduce the cost will lead to some surprising savings. All they can do is say no, and you can shop around and look at their competitors for better deals.