Ways To Efficiently Decrease Overtime

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Ways To Efficiently Decrease Overtime

A business owner has a lot of responsibility when it comes to managing an employee’s hours. An employee gets overtime when a task is not completed within the scheduled work week. This can cost the businesses extra money. Business owners can cut their cost by finding ways to efficiently decrease overtime.

Provide Proper Tools and Resources

Having the proper tools and resources for employees can make tasks easier to complete. Overtime can be a result of a task taking longer than it should due to the absence of proper tools or resources. Making sure employees have all the tools they need is essential. Having tools organized in an easily assessable area can ensure that employees can access everything they need. Providing the proper resources, such a manual or handbook, can make it easy for employees to get the information they need exactly when they need it. Having these tools and resources at an easily accessible location will allow employees to work more efficiently.


One of the reasons overtime can become an issue is because employees are spread too thin. Having an employee that carries a lot of responsibility is common, but it can also be a root cause for overtime. When one employee handles several tasks, they might need to work overtime to complete a task no one else was trained to do. Cross-training can be a solution to this problem because multiple employees will be capable of completing a given task. Cross-training can also efficiently decrease overtime because it ensures that all tasks are covered should an employee requests vacation time. Rather than having an employee work overtime before or after a vacation, another employee can cover the tasks while that employee is out.

Time Tracking

One of the easiest ways to efficiently decrease overtime is time tracking. This is because it allows the business owner to focus on their business, while the system manages time tracking. Businesses should automate their time tracking to stay on top of their employee’s hours and overtime. Tracking time can help detect overtime before it happens, which will allow time for a preventative plan to be made. Using a time tracking device also ensures your payroll is free of human error, which will save both time and money.