Why Your Online Presence Is Vital For Business Success

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Online Presence

Since the dawn of the Internet, technological advancements seem to have taken off at a rapid pace. Every time you purchase a laptop or a smartphone or a television, some newfangled version is released to the market a mere six months later making your piece of kit seem obsolete.

However, the emergence of the Internet has also made the world a smaller and more interconnected place for businesses. If you have recently launched your own startup, you will know the importance of exposure, getting your brand noticed and having a global reach. The Internet can help you achieve these goals. Take a look at why an online presence is vital for the success of your business.

Social Media

The world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has gone from being a postmodern way of communicating and showing off for millennials to being a free marketing tool for businesses. Instagram is the ideal visual way of representing your startup. You could post perfectly filtered videos of your product in actions, your new logo, your team working hard in the office or your attendance at a trade fair.

Like people posting awesome pictures of their healthy dinners or Amaro shots of their vacations, your Instagram feed will create a mood for your business. Get it right by using tools like nitreo and you could accentuate your brand and enhance your following.

Twitter is a little more formal in its approach. Entrepreneurs tend to link back to their blog more as a way to direct traffic to their website. The art of using Twitter effectively is harnessing the hashtag and converting referrals to your website into sales.

Facebook is more of a review page. While Trustpilot and Feefo could make up most of your online feedback for potential customers to see, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook. Social media channels can market your company across the globe so consider setting up accounts if you haven’t done so already.


Being online means being more visible not just to customers but also to cybercriminals. You need to ensure that your business assets are protected effectively by outsourcing to an IT consulting firm. These specialists will enhance your security online, will act as a troubleshooting team for your staff and can help you develop your website and online presence. They can provide a variety of IT services dependant on your needs.

Always ensure that your staff team are aware of their obligations when it comes to being safe online. Deliver training to all new starters, ensuring that they know the importance of strong passwords, deleting dodgy looking emails and never opening odd looking attachments.

Being an entrepreneur means trying to compete for your place amongst your well established rivals. Many businesses fail within their first year of trading simply because they can’t get noticed. As a small fish in a big pond, you need all the exposure that you can get. By heading online, becoming a social media guru, exploiting your brand and utilizing this guide, you can do just that.