Definite Do’s and Destructive Don’ts In The Workplace

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workplace safety

Keeping yourself and others safe at work is an act we should all strive to do on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that employee safety is top of the priority list for many large and small corporations.

Whether you’re an employee or a boss there are a few short and sweet pointers that can keep you safe from harm in a working environment. Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation by taking simple precautions and keeping your workspace a harmless, happy place.  

DO …

Avoid Accidents

If your job requires you to take part in high-risk activities, then you need to make sure that you have undergone the relevant training and you have filled out an official risk assessment. If you ever find yourself at risk during a job use your professional training to make the right decision in the situation. In the unfortunate event of an accident whilst you’re at work, seek advice from a personal injury lawyer immediately. Never take on a job you don’t feel completely comfortable with don’t feel obliged to put yourself into danger for your career.

Be Aware

In any place of work, you should always be fully aware of your surroundings. Whether you’re carrying a tray full of hot tea or you’re passing by some building work outside the building. There are many dangers of varying severity which can easily be avoided. Stay clear of anything which looks unsafe and always report any hazards to your designated health and safety officer at work.

Think of The Environment

One of the less obvious aspects of safety in the workplace is the way in which we’re treating the environment. Offices waste a lot of energy by keeping their computers on overnight and by not using energy saving appliances. When you leave work every day make sure you’re turning off all of your equipment so that you’re protecting both the planet and your work building.  


Overload Your Wires

Electronic devices can often be home to far too many plugs and wires. Make sure you’re using good quality, fully tested extension cables and your wires are not exposed from their protective casing. Use a cable tidy to keep your wires in order; stopping your wires and cables from getting twisted can be a huge help in avoiding potential fires from overloaded sockets.

Be Careless

Carelessness is one of the main causes of accidents at work. Perhaps you accidentally spilled some milk in the kitchen or you’ve left your bag lying in the middle of a walkway. You can prevent everyday accidents at work by being vigilant and always tidying up after yourself. Don’t leave anything unnoticed and speak up if you see anything dangerous about the happen.

Ignore Warning Signs

You might be desperate to make that shortcut across the office to your next meeting or you want to dash through a blocked off stairway in order to beat the morning rush for breakfast in the cafeteria. Whatever you do, do not take unnecessary risks and ignore the warning signs that are put in place in your office. Signs are put there for a reason so even if it does cause a slight inconvenience for you, just find an alternative route and don’t put yourself at risk.

You are in charge of your own safety as well as the safety of other. Your workplace will put the necessary measures in place in order to keep a secure and functioning office, but you need to stay alert and take note of these welfare precautions.