You’re Not To Worry About Money During Your Recovery

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A period of injury is never a pleasant time. Whether your injury came about through your fault or someone else’s, you’re sure to feel pretty terrible during recovery. Injuries can cause no end of both physical and emotional pain. They can also form the building blocks for ongoing phobias. You could say, then, that you aren’t living your best life with your leg in a cast.

The only real light at the end of this tunnel is the idea of recovery. This could see you through like a beacon in the dark, and keep you pushing forward. Once you reach that goal, you can put this whole unpleasant mess behind you. The trouble is, there are often many obstacles along the way, money being the worst one.

The last thing you want to do at this time is worry about money. You have more important things to think about, after all. The trouble is, irrelevant of the cause of your injury, there’s a chance you’re going to need to spend a lot somewhere. Whether you need to fork out for medical bills or car repairs, your bank could soon start to suffer if you don’t have savings. And, if it does, your recovery could suffer, too. Here’s why.

Stress slows recovery

If you’re worried about money during your recovery period, you may well fall foul to stress. Sorry to break it to you, but stress can slow physical recovery by up to 25%, as can be seen on sites like This isn’t just in the mind, either. Stress physically alters your immune system’s ability to heal wounds. This is because stress causes cortisol in the body, which can cause all manner of trouble. All because you didn’t get your savings in order when you had the chance.

You won’t be able to focus on recovery

It’s also worth noting that money worries will prevent you from focusing on your recovery. When you should be lying in bed recuperating, you’ll need to get out to various meetings and arrangements. You may need to hobble to a loan meeting in the aftermath of your fall. You’ll have no choice but to arrange meetings with lawyers like those found at after your truck accident. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why that could spell trouble for recovery. Exertions like these could well cause further injury, or at least undo any healing thus far.

You may not be able to afford recovery

On the extreme end of this scale, money worries may leave you unable to fund your recovery in the first place. Often, extreme injury requires recurrent hospital visits or even physical rehabilitation. None of which comes cheap. Even if you have health insurance in place, you may need to pay for some of this out of your own pocket. If you can’t manage that, then you can’t aid your recovery in these ways.

When you consider it like that, you really can’t afford to skip savings. Can you?