May 27, 2017

Unexpected Expenses Near Christmas – Funding Normal Life

It’s a common aspect of life; you always plan for the things that usually happen. You’ll save roughly the same amount for the weekly shop and the same amount for petrol in the car for the journeys to work and to the supermarket. Anyone who has had the misfortune of facing an unexpected expense will […]

Why Using a Credit Card is a Sensible Financial Decision

Article by: Melissa Taylor With more than 500 million credit cards in circulation in the United States, Americans are no strangers to our beloved plastic. Experts in personal finance spend a lot of effort trying to convince people why we should never lay a finger on a credit card. With nearly sixty percent of Americans carrying […]

Five Ways Fantasy Baseball is Like Personal Finance

We tend to think of personal finance as a complicated subject, and it can be. It doesn’t need to be, though. Do you like to play Fantasy Baseball? Many of the concepts used in Fantasy Baseball also apply to keep your personal finances in order. Just like in baseball, you need to have a good […]

5 Must Have Discussions Before Filing For Bankruptcy


  Article contributed by Brooke Chaplan. Email her at Bankruptcy can be a great way for a person in a financial crisis to obtain a fresh start on their financial life, and be freed from the burden of a heavy debt load. Prior to filing bankruptcy, consider the issues involved with filing. As no […]

Debt management help in an emergency

If you’re suffering from debt and need a short term emergency solution, read on… The most important thing to do is to communicate with your creditors. This may be directly or through credit counsellors. How long do you expect to be struggling for? Is it until your house sells for example – so possibly at […]

Prevent Financial Problems with a Bridging Loan (UK)

Are you interested in purchasing a new home? Then you probably you need to sell off the home you currently live in, to raise the required funding for buying the new place. This will need to be timed just right so that everything falls in place nicely. A buyer has to be found for the […]

Robert Gignac: The Clock Is Ticking

I was having dinner in a Chinese restaurant this week and when I cracked open my fortune cookie after the meal it read – “Have you prepared for your worry free retirement with more money than you’ll need?” Ok, it didn’t actually say that, it said something more along the lines of – “May you […]

What’s in Your Wallet? My Little Red Credit (Debt) Card!

Note: Below is an article/post submission adapted from the new book “Save Wisely, Spend Happily,” which offers the collective advice of 125 money professionals to give people the tools they need to make managing their money less intimidating.  See more at: This piece, by CPA Leonard Wright, offers several great tips on how to […]

Think hard before you borrow

Applying for a personal loan is nothing to be apprehensive about. But taking funds from the wrong lender or funds beyond your payback capacity might land you in a muddle. Therefore, calculation and appropriate decision making is absolutely imperative. Well, at times of emergency you might not get the leisure to scribble on paper, but […]

Dealing With Debt

Debt is, quite literally, a four letter word. But does that mean we shouldn’t talk about it? On the contrary, it’s precisely the ability to sweep debt talk under the rug that allows so many people to spiral further into financial chaos. All of a sudden, they wake up and are tens of thousands of […]