Benefits of Living in Bellevue, Washington

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Benefits of Living in Bellevue, Washington

Want to start living in Bellevue, Washington?

Whether it’s for a job or lifestyle change–or you want to move closer to family–re-locating is never a simple task. One of the necessities is finding the right “home base” for you, your family, and your stuff.

We’re going to educate you on the benefits of living in Bellevue, WA–and how to find the right apartment to settle down.

There’s So Much To Do While Living In Bellevue!

If you’re like us, you love getting out in the great outdoors. Well, you’ll love your move to Bellevue, Washington if that’s the case. For instance, you have the Bellevue Botanical Gardens along with many great parks.

Also, if you’re moving with the family, you’ll find plenty of activities for the kids. Your children with love places like the Crossroads Park Water Playground–or even the yearly Strawberry Festival and Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition–as TripSavvy points out.

You should know that Livability sees Bellevue as a great mix of small town charm with big city amenities. So, it really has something for everyone!

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Apartment Hunting in Bellevue, WA

Honestly, finding an apartment in Bellevue, WA is not that difficult. In fact, sites like Zumper can help you find the perfect apartment in Bellevue and many other American cities.

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Wherever you decide to go, you’ll want to find an apartment in a Bellevue neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. This shouldn’t be hard though because Bellevue, WA easily ranks among the best midsized American cities in a variety of publications. In fact, the downtown section of Bellevue is the second-largest city center in Washington State, according to the Bellevue Downtown Association.

No matter where you want to live, Zumper is a great resource to help you find that right place. Make sure you consider it before you make the move.

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The Brew Thru in Bellevue

Apparently, Bellevue is known in the northwest for its craft breweries and beverages. The Bellevue Convention and Visitors Bureau offers residents and visitors the “Beer Passport.” This allows you a free pint, a BOGO, or a percentage off your total bill at the following participating breweries in the area:

  • Bellevue Brewing Company
  • Black Raven Brewing
  • Good Brewing Company
  • Maelstrom Brewing Company
  • Postdoc Brewing Company
  • Triplehorn Brewing Co
  • Volition Brewing Co.

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No Shortage of Jobs in Bellevue, Washington

Before you go to Bellevue, you’ll obviously want to transfer if your company has an office nearby–or get a new job before going.

Fortunately, Bellevue, WA has no shortage of jobs and employment opportunities. You have a chance to work for Costco’s, T-Mobile, or Expedia. What’s great too is that Redmond, WA isn’t very far away from Bellevue. So, you could also apply to Nintendo and Microsoft. Not bad options!

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Living in Bellevue on a Budget

Before getting settled in Bellevue, Washington and making the move, you’ll want to set up a budget. This will help you figure out your moving expenses, help you find an apartment in Bellevue, WA with a monthly rent in your budget, and help you figure out how to stretch your paycheck.

Make sure you get yourself set up for financial success when you move to Bellevue. It’s a great way to build your wealth and be able to enjoy the city without going into debt.

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Conclusion: Living in Bellevue, Washington Is For You

We hope you found this helpful as you pursue your move to Bellevue, WA. It all comes down to finding the right neighborhood that fits your desired lifestyle–and making sure to live financially responsible.

Good luck with your move–and check back for other helpful articles on navigating your financial life!