5 Of The Best Marketing Moves For Your Business

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best marketing moves for your business

Online marketing and static signage aren’t the only way to promote your company. If you’re often out the office on work duty, you could benefit more from marketing on the go.

From vehicle branding to business cards, here are just a few ways that you can take advantage of marketing wherever you go.

Consider a branded uniform

Whilst not appropriate in all jobs, a branded uniform can help to identify you as a professional and tell people that you’re committed to your brand. This could be a branded t-shirt, branded overalls, a branded baseball cap or even a blazer with a badge of your logo on it for more formal vocations. You may even be able to print contact details on your clothing. Companies like Wear Your Logo specialize in this service.

Invest in vehicle branding

If you’ve got a company car or van, you could consider adding some branding to your vehicle. Vinyl wrapping is an effective way of doing this – the branding isn’t permanent, so it doesn’t matter if own or lease your vehicle. The likes of RGVA’s customized vinyl wrapping can be used to brand everything from a single car to a fleet of lorries. You should put important contact details on the side of your vehicle too such as your website, email address and phone number.

Print off some business cards

If you meet someone who could be a potential client, handing them your business card is an easy way of exchanging contact details. You can shop for these cards at companies such as Tank Prints – network marketing business cards. It’s worth carrying these cards on you at all times in your wallet as you never when you’re going to meet someone. Business cards can also be strategically left in places such as hairdresser and dentist waiting rooms, as well as pinned to communal noticeboards.

Make smart use of branded items

There are many branded items that you can use just like a business card. If someone needs a pen, you could give them a branded one with your contact details on the side. You can also leave branded items in key places – such as leaving a branded pen at the bank, or leaving a branded bookmark in a library book. Branded items are most effective at marketing events such as trade fairs and seminars. Giving people a goody bag full of branded items can offer a physical reminder – this could include everything from branded yo-yos to branded M&Ms.

Report events live with social media

Social media is also a great tool for marketing online from any location. If you’re at a trade fair, you can hashtag the event on Twitter to attract people to your stall. Meanwhile, you can film conferences and seminars on your phone with Facebook or Youtube’s live features. You can also attract a lot of attention with images on social media. If you’re landscaper and you’ve just completed a project, you could take a picture of it there and then (perhaps even a before and after effect) as a promotional stunt.