Career Success: Here’s How To Get The Life You Want

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Career Success: Here's How To Get The Life You Want

Sure, it’s normal for people to seek career success.

However, it’s not a guarantee that your career dreams will be met with the success you want.

The reason why successful professionals tend to get famous is that most can’t manage to move their career forward.

As a result, the few professionals who fulfill their goals are noticeable.

However, contrary to popular belief, there is no meritocracy in success. In fact, more often than not, people who can project their careers forward are not better skilled or more talented than you and me.

They are luckier, though. But luck, here, is not a matter of knowing the right people in the industry or being there at the right time.

Luck is something that you can make for yourself.

So what’s stopping you from becoming the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed to be?

Spoiler alert:

It isn’t your resume.

Quite the opposite. It’s your mindset.

The way you see yourself and therefore behave and present yourself will affect your professional opportunities and potential career success.

Career success means seeing failure as an opportunity

First of all, let’s get things right:

Everybody makes mistakes in the workplace, and that includes some of the most successful leaders too.

But failure is not an end per se. Failure can be used as an opportunity for self-improvement and creativity.

Going through a traumatic work accident is difficult, but it can teach you a valuable lesson about health and safety that you can apply in your future business, for instance.

Ultimately, when something bad happens to you, try to find the silver lining the cloud. A difficult time now is a lesson for tomorrow and the opportunity to bounce back higher and better.  

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Get rid of your mental blockage

You would love to start your own company.

But you can’t. You don’t feel up for it.

You don’t think you’ve got what it takes to make it work. In fact, when you consider your past achievements, you can’t help but think that people might wrongly perceive you to be more competent than you really are.

This, my friend, is called the imposter syndrome and it can affect 40% of high achieving people. Thinking you’re not good enough is, for many professionals, the major blockage on the path to success.

But the truth is that it’s all in your head. You need to accept that you’ve got the right to be here and to succeed for who you are.

Some entrepreneurs confess to needing the support of hypnosis therapy – check services to find out more about it – to finally get rid of their imposter syndrome.

You can’t move your career forward when your mind is working against you.

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You don’t always need the right skills

The idea that you always need the right skills to get the job is incorrect.

While highly technical professions require specific training, many careers are open to newcomers.

Allyson Payer made the move from an entertainment career to a writer at without having any fashion experience.

For the fashion website, this could have been counterproductive. But Allyson had the right mindset and spirit for the job.

Moving your career forward is about getting into the right mindset.

Most of the obstacles on your path are self-inflicted, from your perception of failures to your fear of not having the right skill set.

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