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Real Estate Investment: 4 Predictions For The Future

Real estate investment has long been celebrated as one of the most ‘reliable’ forms of investment, and one that anyone who wishes to improve their financial future is likely to want to become involved with. For the most part, real estate investment is a steady world. Given that other forms of investment – such as […]


What Will The Future of Healthcare Look Like?

What’s this about the future of healthcare? After all, there’s many a person out there who likes to moan about the state of the world. They think that the world is in bad shape, worse than it was in the past, and on a generally negative road. This, however, is overly cynical, and mostly not […]


Financial Hurdles That Are More Common Than You Think

When it comes to life, we can all find ourselves in situations where we end up struggling with financial hurdles. Life can throw is a strange curve ball at any point. We can’t control it, often the situation is out of our hands, and yet we have to trust that we will get through it. […]


How to Properly Deal With Unexpected Expenses

When you’re hit by unexpected expenses, whatever their source or origin, you need to think about how you’re going to deal with the situation and keep your head above water. Of course, that’s much easier said than done for many people in many circumstances. But it is worth thinking this through and preparing for the […]


Better Ways to Invest Your Savings

Putting money in a savings account with your bank is probably the safest option of all, if you do not mind a very low return. Interest rates are so low at the moment that your money will actually devalue if left in a bank. Of course, not everyone likes to take high risks but these […]


Out Of Work: How To Make Money When You’re Unemployed

Out of work? Losing out on work can happen to anybody and can take a huge toll on your finances. Being stuck for money is one of the worst things you and your family could go through so make sure you are always prepared for any eventuality. Whether you’re out of work with an injury […]


Saving Money: How To Free Up Some Spare Cash Each Month

These days, it’s no wonder that many of us are barely making ends meet let alone saving money. With the cost of living rising, and salaries not matching those demands, many people are falling into debt just to get by each month. We’ve all read the self help articles about how to get out of […]


Day Trading: 5 Things You Need To Know To Get Started

Looking to make more of a dent in that elusive savings goal? With the new easy access to day trading opportunities that online platforms offer, it can be a way to pile up that profit and reach the dream sooner. But if day trading is really so profitable, then why isn’t everyone doing it?


Family Finances: How To Protect Your Money

A question I see often is this: “How do I protect the family finances?” Face it: When we’re young, we’re selfish. We spend our money on ourselves. We might make important investments in our future, like spending money on higher education, but we do it without thinking of anyone else. Why should we? We’ve got […]

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