Facebook Makes Its NASDAQ Debut. Financial Bin Has a Recap for $FB.

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Now, if you can’t get a job, you could always start a multi-billion dollar web company and turn it into a public company. Here’s a quick recap of Facebook’s debut —

Google Finance: $FB Closes at $38.27; Up Just 0.61%

CNBC: SEC to Review Nasdaq Trading Issues Related to Facebook IPO

CNBC: Big Volume, But Little to Show For It | Live Blog

CNET: Facebook IPO: After the hype, a ho-hummer

TIME (NewsFeed): Did the Facebook IPO Really Make Bono the Richest Rocker in the World?

Reuters: Scramble for Facebook stock ends in “Face-flop”

Expert Commentary

Aaron Klein, Riskalyze CEO: 

It’s a great day to celebrate in the technology industry. Another team builds something amazing that didn’t exist a decade ago and today, they reap the rewards.

As for the price, it looks to me like Mark stuck the landing perfectly. A big pop means you left money on the table; a big drop means your valuation wasn’t there. The markets said Facebook nailed it.

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