Get Your Money Back: Who To Ask For Help

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Get Your Money Back: Who To Ask For Help

Trying to get your money back from a friend, family member, or company?

Money can be a difficult topic, especially when you believe that someone owes you money and has yet failed to pay you back.

Addressing the subject can be embarrassing.

But, in most situations, if you haven’t been able to achieve a positive result, you can count on the support of professionals to get you out of troubles.

Here are some tips to help you get your money back and finally receive what you’re owed.

Who owes you money?

The first step before considering escalating the issue with a profession is to review whether your reading of the situation is correct.

In other words, it’s about understanding when and if you should push for the money you’re owed.

There are very specific situations in which you can decide to refer the case to experts.

A client who refuses to pay is frustrating, but you need to clarify the position with them first. They might have a problem which you could solve together.

Similarly, a car insurer who refuses to pay compensation needs to provide objective reasons. In short, don’t just make a list of who owes you but make sure to add why they haven’t paid yet.

This will serve as guidance for later decisions.

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Accident: Don’t leave it to car insurance providers to sort things out

It can be frustrating when you’re due compensation, but your insurance claim doesn’t lead to the result you expected.

Not all claims are denied, but insurers may try to reduce your payments.

Consequently, you need professionals such as Lowenberg & Kumar to protect your rights in an accident.

The influence of a lawyer on a compensation claim can completely transform the result and help you to recover your financial stability.

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How to get your money from a client

Freelancers and entrepreneurs hate nothing more than a client who doesn’t pay.

If you’ve already reached out to find an arrangement with your client – such as explaining the process before accepting their project or being persistent with late payers –, it might be time to bring in outside help.

Factoring services are especially effective to get the money you need while waiting for your payment. If you can bear to wait, you can use a collection agency to get the client to pay.

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How do I get my money back from a company?

So you bought an item that didn’t work, and you’re still waiting for the refund?

The FTC can help you to file a complaint about a company. Sometimes a complaint can result in a direct refund, especially if several customers have complained before you.

But more often than not, the FTC will launch an inquiry about the company, which might speed up repayment too!

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How to get your money back from a friend

You should never lend money to your friends. If you have, you need to be aware that asking for it might make your relationship awkward.

Of course, the blame is on your friend in the first place.

Ultimately, if you’re lending a large sum, you need to write it down to keep evidence of the transaction. This will let you refer the case to a lawyer in case of non-payment.

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Time to get your money back

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t lose your cool even if you can’t get a payment through traditional methods.

With the support of professionals and regulatory agencies, you can escalate most issues to claim the money you’re owed.

There’s only one rule to remember:

Sometimes getting your money back is not worth the emotional drama.

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