GJ Funds’ Jeeva Ramaswamy Weighs in on Facebook IPO

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Jeeva Ramaswamy, Managing Partner of GJ Investment Funds, checked in this morning on the $FB IPO —

As I predicted [in our interview last week] Facebook came out with lot of hype from media and underwriters. But it didn’t do anything to the market price of the stock. Today shares are down 7% trading at $35/share. The investing public should not invest depending upon the headlines and hype. They need to understand the business which they are planning to own stock, they have to calculate what the company is worth, and buy those companies’ shares, when the stock is trading at a discount [relative] to the intrinsic value of the company and hold it for long term.

They should have a business owner point of view, not holding tradable securities. Investing is simple, but experts preach, it is very complicated and ordinary investors should not invest in the market themselves.

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