How to Create a Reglazing Company

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Tubs, sinks and other glazed fixtures provide smooth, solid surfaces that allow the homeowner to sterilize the surfaces in order to maintain the health and safety of family and friends. Over time, the glaze will become worn, giving those fixtures a dull appearance that is more difficult to clean. Unfortunately for the homeowner, replacing these fixtures is very expensive. A more economical choice is to hire a reglazing professional to add a new surface to the fixture and extend its life. You can create a reglazing company once you have learned the proper stripping and application techniques.

Step 1
Work for an experienced reglazer. Start as a helper and gain experience using the various chemicals, tools and processes required for the reglazing process. Continue working until you are qualified to be a technician.

Step 2
Study the Material Data Safety Sheets for every bottle of chemicals you use throughout your employment as a reglazing helper. Every chemical used in this process is hazardous in some way, and all require special handling.

Step 3
Apply for a contractor’s license as a tub reglazer. Sit for the exam and demonstrate your knowledge of the reglazing process and the safety issues involved.

Step 4
Explain the reglazing process to your insurance agent. Purchase a liability policy worth at least $1 million. A policy this large will protect you in case of an accidental chemical spill that causes an environmental hazard, an illness or a death.

Step 5
Network with plumbers and remodelers to find clients. Leave your cards at plumbing supply businesses and hardware stores to reach residential customers directly.

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Always handle the chemicals needed for reglazing by following the protocol outlined in the MSDS. You can obtain an MSDS at the supplier if one is not immediately available. Failure to follow these directions can result in property damage, environmental contamination, illness or death.

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