How to Get a Job Writing Small Quotes for a Paper

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Newspapers are, of course, filled with news but also with many fillers. Humor columns, comics and puzzles provide entertainment between the hard news items. Places within the pages of a newspaper offer enlightenment, and quotes from historical figures lead the reader to truths he may not have considered before reading these small snippets of wisdom. You can become a newspaper quote writer if you have the ability to write small, engaging introductions that can be linked to a phrase uttered in the past.

Step 1
Graduate high school and attend college. Pursue a bachelor’s degree in creative writing or journalism. A college degree is not necessary to become a newspaper writer, but, it gives your resume an edge when competing for a staff writing position.

Step 2
Research: Read history books, biographies and autobiographies to find quotes. Watch current as well as historical news broadcasts. Look on the internet for reputable websites about historic individuals. Find quotes wherever you can. Record each one in your database.

Step 3
Write a few witty or insightful openings to introduce your quotes segment. For example, a paragraph about the nuances of teaching could lead the Bruce Lee quote – “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.”

Step 4
Apply for a position as a quote writer with the local paper. Send several samples from your database of quotes, each with an introduction written by you, to the entertainment editor along with your resume.

Step 5
Submit your application to several newspapers at once to build a larger clientele. Continue building your database of quotes throughout your career in order to keep your wisdom fresh.

Always give proper credit to a quote in order to avoid civil prosecution for plagiarism.

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