How to Make Your Car Last Longer

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How to Make Your Car Last Longer

Cars can be expensive, but for many people, they aren’t a luxury. If you depend on an automobile to get around, you will be concerned with prolonging your car’s life and saving your hard earned cash. Here’s how to get more miles for your money, and spare yourself the additional stress and expense that comes from a neglected automobile.

Cutting fuel costs

Filling up your car can be expensive, there’s no doubt. But there are ways to increase your fuel efficiency, so you can fill up less often. Prevent your engine from putting in unnecessary work. For example, you can reduce resistance by keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure, as listed in your manual. Try to avoid things that increase drag, like adding a roof rack when the item could fit in the trunk, and avoid keeping heavy items in the car unnecessarily.

Altering your driving style costs you nothing but could save you a whole lot. Aggressive driving, such as accelerating rapidly and then breaking heavily, is highly inefficient. Accelerate and brake smoothly in plenty of time, and cruise at a safe speed. You should also cut out idling wherever possible. Keeping your engine idling for just ten seconds wastes more gas than actually turning off and restarting your engine. Save your engine from unnecessary wear by turning off when stationary (only not in traffic).

Shelling out for maintenance

It might seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes paying up can help you save money in the long term. Attending to a proper, regular maintenance scheduling for your car is one of those times. This isn’t just money saving in the long run, but keeping your vehicle in a safe condition could prevent a car accident. Check your car’s oil and tires for yourself to save money, but it’s vital to have an expert look over your vehicle on schedule to spot small issues before they become more complicated – and more expensive. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or essential repairs, have professionals like Elite Automotive handle it.

Keeping your car protected

It’s easy to avoid regular washing since a clean vehicle can seem just cosmetic and therefore, an unnecessary waste of money. But keeping your vehicle clean can ensure the bodywork stays in good condition, saving you money on repairs and paint jobs later on. Dirt and small particles can also harm the working parts of your vehicle, so it’s essential to wash the car regularly. Once the car is clean, you can use a protective seal, like a wax. Deal with chips to the windshield or body paint promptly to prevent more damage and expense later on.

Keeping your vehicle protected from the elements can also help with longevity. If you have access to a garage, this is an excellent option as it will protect your car from the elements and also from accidental bumps and scrapes. If on-street parking is necessary, you could invest in a good-quality, waterproof cover to protect your vehicle from things like bird droppings and dirt particles from passing vehicles.