3 Ways To Increase Venue Security

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increase venue security

We live in a developing and innovative world, and yet we all still have that fear of being in a concert, stadium or overly crowded venue. Rising terrorism levels means that venues all over the world are tightening up their security for their customers as much as possible. The good news about this, is that we live in that developing and innovative world; we are constantly developing solutions to the issue with large and crowded spaces.

While businesses cannot be less of a target, they can tighten up their security with the huge wealth of information that we now have when it comes to preparing for large events. With royal weddings and football events on the horizon, it makes sense for businesses to learn as many lessons as they can about how to be as secure as possible.

Personnel are trained to the highest order when it comes to security for these events, and many lessons have been learned from incidents in the past to improve that training. Here are some of the things that need to be remembered when it comes to protecting your event.

Visual Efforts

In the same way a police officer in a store is a deterrent for thieves, bag checks, having vehicle-free areas and stringent identity checks with companies like https://www.jumio.com/trusted-identity/netverify can be a deterrent for terrorists.

Those who add bombs to backpacks can be deterred by the bag checks and those who try to come into venues with fake identification can be turned away when they know there are stricter checks than just looking at an ID.

Constant Vigilance

It’s not just about the security at the start of an event. Event leaders need to understand that there is no use in putting on security while people enter a venue if they’re going to relax about it when the event begins.

Personnel should be vigilant during the entire event and they should always keep an eye on the situation in the venue until every last guest has left. This can prevent those who want to cause havoc from causing it during the course of the event happening.

Outside Security

While you are ensuring that internal security is not breached, and everyone remains safe, have you considered the outside? Potential areas for concern include the parking lots and drop-off zones for deliveries. If you have people at each of these locations, you can be sure that your security is tight. Using cameras and additional staff can help here, and your delivery drivers having the appropriate and correct ID is vital.

The one thing that is so important for your security is that you need to adopt an approach where everyone is on the same page. Your staff should all be trained correctly and ready to identify the potential danger in an instant. Emergency staff should be prepared for every eventuality and you can ensure that this is the case with strict training and panic or security buttons in other areas of the venue.