Office Space: Why Companies Should Think Twice

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Office Space: Why Companies Should Think Twice

When a company is treading water, talk turns to cutting costs.

When we think about how modern workplaces are embracing the whole remote working ethic, do we even need physical office space anymore?

Does this actually save money?

And does it result in a workforce that’s as productive, and as happy, as an in-house team?

Let’s explore why companies should think twice before they purchase office space.

What’s Your Managerial Style?

Keeping your employees on the straight and narrow is easier in an office environment, as you are able to communicate using all of your senses.

The whole remote working scenario means that you’ve got to change your managerial style to suit.

You would rely on emails or telephone calls as your primary means of communication, but there are many companies out there embracing the whole virtual approach to meetings.

The Global AGM Trends Whitepaper is one such document showing the way forward as far as virtual and hybrid meetings are concerned, not just for ease of communication, but how big its scope can be.

If this interests you, you can download the Global AGM Trends Whitepaper herewhich shows what other countries are doing to mix the real with the virtual. The UK, for example, is making headway with the process of going online completely, and in 2016, Jimmy Choo held an entire AGM online.

But, while the right tech tools will most certainly make for a more productive setup, it’s still dependent on your own managerial style.

If you’re used to being interpersonal, will abolishing the office results in more productive employees?

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The Effects Of Self Motivation

Some businesses pick a handful of employees to work from home, but others almost exclusively have their employees work remotely, but have a handful moderating in an office environment.

If you want your employees to increase their productivity upon the abolishing of the office, can you rely on them to work harder in their home environment?

A lot of people who work from home find it incredibly isolating, not to mention the fact that they can feel out of the loop as far as business decisions are concerned.

While there are people who prefer this setup, ultimately it’s down to personal circumstances.

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Employees working from home?

But if you have a workforce exclusively operating from their home, instilling some working methods to keep motivation and productivity up is vital.

While you could do this by having regular meetings, you may also want to reach out to your employees individually.

When you have so many people working from home, they’re unable to see the inner workings of the business.

While this can have a positive bearing on their productivity, because they feel a sense of freedom, there are others that want to know where they stand and if they are doing a good job.

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No More Office Space

Abolishing the office sounds like a good idea when you think about how it will increase your funds.

But if you were to make this switch, would it result in a loss of productivity and other ways that equate to the same amount of money?

As many businesses work exclusively online, we are slowly losing that personal touch.

So we can either go with the trend and get online exclusively, and get our employees to work via their avatar, or we can find a balance.

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