Pros & Cons Of A Career In The Maritime Industry

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Pros & Cons Of A Career In The Maritime Industry

For those that don’t know, the maritime industry essentially refers to endless careers that are based on the sea. This could include working on a cruise ship, being on a long-haul shipping boat, or even working on the docks. It’s a pretty massive industry, and there are loads of advantages and disadvantages of a career in it. So, if this is a path you’re thinking about going down, here are the pros & cons you need to be aware of.

Pro: Loads of job opportunities

One of the massive advantages of a career in the maritime industry is that there are loads of job opportunities available. As it shows here, there are careers in naval, marine, and ocean engineering, along with naval architecture, and so many other ocean-related jobs as well. The opportunities are endless, so you’ve got plenty to choose from.

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Con: High-risk career

Spending most of your time out on the ocean means you’re going to be at risk of things going wrong. There are loads of things that can happen to maritime workers that wouldn’t happen to ones in other industries. As it mentions here, this type of work is more dangerous than other professions. So, if you want a career that’s nice and steady without many risks, then this might not be the place for you.

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Pro: Interesting career path

Working in this industry is definitely far more interesting than some of the other career paths you could go down. It’s a massive industry, but very little is known about the jobs that happen here. As such, you’re almost part of a very exclusive job. It can be cool to tell people what your job is and watch as they’re amazed by how unique it is. I know one thing, it certainly beats a typical office job in terms of excitement!

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Con: Very hard work

No matter what type of job you want in the maritime industry, you’ll always be faced with a lot of hard work. It’s both physically and mentally draining, largely because you may have to spend time away from home if you’re working out at sea. Think about someone working on a cruise ship; they may spend weeks away from home, which can be tough if you have a family waiting for you. There are also lots of manual labor jobs, which can put many people off choosing a career here.

The bottom line is that this career path is suitable for certain types of people. If you like the idea of traveling and spending time away from home, then it might be great for you. Likewise, if you want to inject some excitement and risk into your life, then it’s a brilliant career for that too.

So, if you’re thinking about a career change, perhaps a maritime job is the perfect solution! Speaking of which, please feel free to check out this article here where I explain a few telltale signs that indicate it’s time you moved on from your current job and pursued a different career.