6 Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Living with PowerWallet

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By: Bob Sullivan – Tech Entrepreneur and  PowerWallet.com President 

Many individuals find it hard to manage their finances on their own or some just have never be taught how to effectively manage their money. PowerWallet, a free online money management tool can help you cut living costs and live a lifestyle free of financial woes.

Here are ways PowerWallet can help you reduce your living costs:

1. Eliminate late fees and interest – It can be exhausting keeping track of all your bills on top of working, going to school or even raising a family. From your kid’s sports activity expenses, to your gym bill, or monthly mortgage payment, it can make it hard for some to keep track of it all on top of the daily hustle and bustle that life has to offer.  With PowerWallet, you can input all of your bills and their due dates and get monthly email reminders before they are due. This way, you can reduce extra expenses and won’t have additional unnecessary late fees and interest because you will no longer be late paying any of your bills.

2. Save money with daily deals & customized coupons – Stop wasting your time searching the miscellaneous websites, blogs and app’s for coupons! Sign up for PowerWallet and get access to our daily deals and customized coupons.  We take a strategic approach to our deals; instead of offering you random deals that you may never use, the platform looks at your spending history and geographical location and only offers you deals that you will really care about and take advantage of.

3. Plan for the future – Set up a plan within PowerWallet and easily monitor your financial accounts, plan ahead and budget from PowerWallet’s secure and easy-to-use platform. PowerWallet can help you achieve financial discipline when it comes to your spending habits and always display your real-time spending history, letting you know when to stop spending.

4. Spend less – You can set spending limits within your PowerWallet so you spend less on living costs and save more! Improving your spending habits and sticking with the same old lackadaisical spending strategy could be the difference between putting a down payment on your first home and living with your parents.  Set spending limits for different financial goals you have for yourself and always have access to your progress from your Smartphone or any Internet enabled mobile device.  You can set up a spending limit for as long you want or as short as 3 months. Once you approach a spending limit, PowerWallet will immediately send an email notification so you won’t have to worry about tracking your money on your own or overspending.

5. Get a full picture of your finances – One of the best parts about PowerWallet is that it lets you see all transactions, budgets and bills in one secure and easy-to-read place.  From your online bill accounts to financial accounts, it’s all there for you to see so you can get a real-time and accurate understanding of where you stand financially and where you would like to be in the future.

6. Learn how to live within your means – Our personal finance blog is a great educational resource that we encourage all users to take advantage of! Our team of financial expert writers often discusses various topics that can help anyone live within their means. From frugal ways to save on pet expenses to learning how to improve your credit score, the PowerWallet experts offer daily blog posts with rich content.

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