5 Things You Might Forget About When Putting Your House Up For Sale

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Things You Might Forget About When Putting Your House Up For Sale

Putting your house up for sale can feel like a gargantuan task. It’s something that usually takes a lot of your effort, time, and patience to get right. Your house needs to be in the right condition for selling, and if it isn’t, then it’s going to sell for less – and likely a lot slower.

By making sure you remember everything you need to remember when you put your house up for sale, you’ll make a much quicker sale. This means you can move into your new home faster and start your new life!

So, what are the things you might forget about when putting your house up for sale? Read on to find out.

Cleaning The House Can Make A Big Difference

Do you realize that simply cleaning the house can make a big difference to how fast it sells, and how much for? It’s all about appealing to your audience; they are hardly going to be able to picture themselves in a dirty house filled with clutter, no matter how much space it appears they are going to have. It just won’t leave them wanting to part with their money. Spending time on a deep clean can be very smart, and is super cost effective.

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You Want To Appeal To A Buyer’s Subconscious Mind

Ok so, you’ve cleaned the house, but people still aren’t buying. Why could that be? There are a number of reasons for this, but one reason is that you really want to appeal to a buyer’s subconscious mind. Having a clean house may not be enough. It may need to smell good, and you may need to ‘show’ the house a bit to make it look livable.

You want them to imagine themselves living their, so add a few homely touches, and maybe bake some bread or cookies so the smell wafts through the house. This sort of thing will help them to imagine living in the space in a flash.

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There Are Unusual Ways You Can Sell For A Faster Sale

For a faster sale, there are a few unusual selling practices you can try. There are companies out there that allow you to “sell quick” without doing anything to your home at all. They simply buy your home from you as it is, so you can have the money you need right away. A great option if you’re short on time and resources. Some people are even live streaming a house showing on Facebook live, which allows them to show people on their Facebook friend’s list around the property, where they can all ask questions and feel under no pressure. Then, people can make offers over messenger!

Prize draws are also another option becoming extremely popular. Homeowners are selling raffle tickets to people for a couple of bucks a pop, and these people are then in with the chance to win their home! Of course there aren’t many people who wouldn’t want to do this, so they usually end up making their money back and then some. However, the rules can be a little foggy and it usually depends on where you live as to whether you can do this or not. Ebay, house swap, and Gumtree are also platforms sellers are using to sell their houses. You really do have a plethora of options that could suit you. You don’t have to sell in the traditional way if you don’t want to!

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Social Media Marketing Will Speed Things Up Further

We already talked about showing your house on Facebook live, but social media marketing is a popular way to get your home in front of the right buyer and sell quickly. Come up with a social media marketing plan for your home, including a floor plan, video tours, photo galleries, and more. All avenues that could help you to sell your home should be explored. Either do this yourself, or talk to your estate agent about taking care of it for you.

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Be Clear About The Items That Won’t Be Included

It isn’t unheard of for somebody to buy a house, only to turn up on moving day and realize that the carpets they thought they would have have been ripped out. Things will need to be specifically written about in the contract if they are not for sale, especially things that are bolted to the wall or ceiling, as stated by the law. It goes for chandeliers, your TV, and anything else you might have bolted to the wall or ceiling. Make this clear during viewings, too.

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