Why Customer Interaction Is Valuable to Long-Term Relationships

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Although there are many types of long-term relationships, the ones you build with your customers are precious. Each customer is a messenger with regard to your company’s policies. The roadside is paved with many different corporations who felt that “good enough” was the way to go. This is the fastest and easiest way to work with the Grim Reaper while destroying your business.

Your product or service needs to create recognizable value or you are just spinning your wheels. If you create sustainable value then the dollars will come.  With real value creation comes real brand loyalty and a lasting long-term business.

Several tools to use for this process of relating with your customers include:

One of the more informal social networks, but Facebook is an excellent way to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with other business owners and potential customers.

Great feature:
– Facebook fan pages offer a personalized way of promoting yourself and your business.

Twitter: This is one of my favorite tools as it allows informal interaction and a means of connecting.  It lets you post links to favorite quotes or resources you feel have value.

Great feature:
– Link or URL can be placed on your profile allowing those who interact with you the opportunity to explore your website.

LinkedIn: The most professional of the social networks is still a great interaction tool and a way to build trust while growing your client base.

Great Features:
– The ability to add products or services to the site under your company.
– “Answers” section allows you to openly display your expertise.
– “Groups” section gives you a place to interact and network more efficiently.

Blogging Tools: Blogging is a great way to interact, share your expertise and still create brand awareness (examples: Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr).

Social Promotion Tools: These tools will help you promote your blog and continue to build your brand (examples: Delicious, Digg).

There are countless other tools, but if you relate to your customer and create real value in the long-run, you will have business sustainability.

Jason Baudendistel is an author, blogger, entrepreneur and consultant.   Baudendistel is the Director of Marketing at Dynamictivity and CEO of Bored Student Records.  He has a new book coming out soon on entrepeneurship and another on social media marketing.  Visit him at Kinspir.com.