15 Foolproof Ways To Eliminate Business Mistakes

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business mistakes

Business mistakes are always going to happen, whether you like it or not. It’s important that you learn from these mistakes and improve rather than allow them to set you back too much, or you could end up in a negative downward spiral that eventually destroys your business.

While you certainly can’t ensure that you never make a business mistake ever again, you can eliminate the vast majority of them by making sure you do a few important things.

15 foolproof ways you can eliminate business mistakes as best as possible

1. Take Your Budget And Expenses Seriously

The worst thing you can do as a business whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for a while, is failing to take your budget and expenses seriously. This can happen if you constantly find yourself looking at purchases in isolation, rather than figuring out how they could affect the bigger picture. You may think that a snazzy new computer may help you to get the job done without setting you back too much, when in actual fact, it could seriously hinder your numbers for that month if you’re not careful.

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Buying Property in the United States as an Investment


If you are a non-U.S resident you must have considered buying property in the USA at some point. It is still the world’s largest and most stable economy, the rental yields in some cities in Georgia, Michigan or Maryland are nuts, and overall it seems like one of the most natural places to diversify your investments into.

You can tap into the American real estate market by buying a REIT which is the recommended “no hassle” alternative for those who don’t have a particular interest in managing an asset abroad, but clearly there is a higher upside in actually buying one specific property and renting it.

Buying USA property is a slightly different process than in the UK, but it is very feasible to do so even if you are not an expert. Just look at how international investment in U.S real estate has grown this year.

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How to Budget for your Future

how to budget

Making a budget can be a time consuming and frustrating process; yet as we approach retirement, budgeting, and keeping to that budget is more important than ever. The 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances found that among all working households, the average savings for retirement was only about $2,500. The numbers do get a little better when looking only at households of those over 55, with the amount of savings averaging around $14,500. But that is still far less than the 80% of the income generated while in the workforce that specialists recommend retirees have set aside. The question for many people is what they can do to increase retirement savings and financially prepare for the future? Here are some tips to get you on track.

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