May 27, 2017

Social Media Management by David Domzalski

social media marketing david domzalski newtown pa

 Visit David Domzalski on his blog, Inside Dave’s Head. Do you feel “UNLIKED” in your business? Do you have NO CLUE what a RETWEET is? Do you just need someone to take over your company’s Social Media presence and allow you to go about your day? Then it is time for a Social Media Intervention! […]

How Google + Can Grow Your Business

Social Media can be a huge tool in your quest to generate leads and build a brand. Google+ is just the newest tool you had to add to your arsenal. Below are some tips on how to get your marketing plan started on Google+. As thousands of users rush to create Google+ pages for their […]



Make sure to check out my interviews from the past week with @PROskore CEO @BillJula and @Storably Founders Apu Gupta and Josh Kowitt. PROskore Podcast | Storably Interview


I wanted to share with you a portion of Financial Bin’s recently released book called Entrepreneur Intervention: Triumphs & Failures of Entrepreneurs. The part included below is written by Chris Sonjeow, founder of LoveBook. Chris talks about what he has learned since starting his company and I think it is something we can all benefit […]

How to Open a Housewares Boutique

Overview Housewares encompass all of the miscellaneous items you use in your home. Curtains and towels, pots and pans, and even wall hangings all fall in the category of housewares. Large retail stores have entire sections devoted to these items. Small, specialty boutiques offer housewares that are not available in the big-box stores. You can […]

How to Become a High School Motivational Speaker

  Overview Children are not born with genetic reactions to difficult situations. There is no inborn knowledge of how to act when a friend dies. No one is born knowing how to approach life after a natural disaster. These thoughts and reactions become even more muddled as the child becomes a teen and prepares to […]

How to Start a Rental Inspection Company

  Overview Rental inspection companies work under contract to property management companies. A rental inspector knows the proper way to build a house, or apartment complex, from the ground up. An inspector is trained in the mechanical systems, framing and climate control. You can start a rental inspection company once you have the training necessary […]

Need Any Advice on Selling Jewelry? Well, Here is a Little …

One of the things I have learned over the last two years is that, when you first get into the jewelry making business you will spend your days making product. I, at the time, wanted to see my jewelry on people and in galleries badly enough  that I would sell for rock bottom price. I […]

Selling alongside the foreign factories

The jewelry industry is estimated to make 230 billion dollars by the year 2015 growing 4.6% year over year, states the US department of commerce. Although this is unpredictable as we have been in a recession since the year 2008. This year the industry has grown 8% states  I myself design and sell jewelry […]

How to Be a Cable Subcontractor

Overview Cable companies hire subcontractors to install and maintain hardware at each customer’s home. This is not just a job but a business opportunity. If you have the education and training to install cable television, Internet and telephone services, you can profit from this need. A strong background in construction and business will put you […]