May 27, 2017

Make Sure You Save That ‘Extra’ Check!


If you are a full-time bi-weekly employee, you probably received an extra check in either March or April. In fact, you get two great months a year — one in March/April and then a second time in November where you most likely get three checks — not just two. Now, if you’re like most people, […]

Buyer’s Agency: What You Need to Know When Selecting Your Real Estate Professional

Buyer's Agency

The buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agency. These are relatively new terms in real estate and most buyers entering into the market today do not know what they mean. Traditionally, the seller(s) hired an agent to represent the sale of their house — and the agent would negotiate and fight for their needs. In recent years, this […]

7 Tips For Laying Floor in Your Home if You Have No Clue How to Begin

wood floor

As some of you may know, my husband and I bought our first house last summer. After spending months shopping, we finally settled on what to me was the perfect house. Last summer, I spent two months painting, painting, and painting with my wonderful father before we moved and settled in. With a house, though, your […]

It’s That Time of Year Again: Let’s Do Some Yard Work …

grass yard work

Well, we’re well into the spring season now. And with spring comes yard work and snakes. Yes, I met one yesterday. I am not sure who was more upset — my dog who stepped on it or me who had the heart attack screaming at it. The snake didn’t care, obviously. It just found a […]


House Project

I will be honest. I didn’t know. I knew all about taxes, mortgage, and insurance. I knew about emergency plans and having a little extra set aside each month. But, I didn’t know about everything else — paint, molding, flooring, mops, vacuums, furniture, more paint, flowers, hanging baskets, wreaths on the door, lawn mowers, trimmers, […]

It’s Wedding Season. But, Can You Afford to Say “I Do”?

wedding season

The weather is getting warmer and flowers are blooming. We all know what that means — it’s wedding season! Weddings have become a $50 billion industry in America.  As of this year, the average cost of a wedding is about $27,000 per couple. To make matters more complicated, the majority of weddings are paid by […]


Spend Save

As members of Generation Y, we have watched everyone older than us lose their shirt on their personal home and in the stock market. Yet, when we go to the bank and sit down with the investment banker, they tell us to save our money, buy a home, and invest in stocks though an IRA […]


RichvsPoor Paths

Last week, I was sitting with a friend and she was reading my article on buying a house with 20% down. After about two minutes of reading, she goes, “I knew that!” Yet, I know that she didn’t follow the rule. The fact is we all know the rules: pay off debt, don’t get into […]


budget blocks falling

I didn’t think this needed to be discussed, but it appears that the saying about “he who assumes” is true. For the second time this week, I met with a client to review their budget and found that they didn’t comprehend the term expense. Let me try to put this in very simple terms: if […]

How To Get Something Out of College (Since You’re There Anyway)

student working hard

I went to school to become an accountant. I knew I loved money and budgeting. I loved planning and business. I did not love T-Accounts. I do not like long hours and I really hate busy season. I wish I would have known that. It would have made the years after college much better. It […]