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Social Media Management by David Domzalski

 Visit David Domzalski on his blog, Inside Dave’s Head. Do you feel “UNLIKED” in your business? Do you have NO CLUE what a RETWEET is? Do you just need someone to take over your company’s Social Media presence and allow you to go about your day? Then it is time for a Social Media Intervention! […]

Share Acquired in $1.6 Billion Deal

From Mashable: Genealogy company has been acquired by an investor group led by European private equity firm Permira for about $1.6 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports citing sources familiar with the matter.


Zach Miller of Explains the Effect of Crowdsourcing & Social Media on the Future of Investing (Market Matters, Episode #8)

  In Episode #8 of Market Matters on Google+ Hangout on August 20, 2012, Financial Bin‘s David Domzalski and Riskalyze‘s Aaron Klein invited Zach Miller from TradeStreaming to touch on – 1. Mark Faber’s (aka Dr. Doom’s) prediction that we face a 100% chance of a global recession — and what investors can do to hedge their bets! 2. The effects of […]


How to Choose the Right Savings Account

By: Richard Jenkins Right now, many people are choosing to save their income instead of spending recklessly. This is because, with an ever worsening economy and outlook, it is a good idea to stash some cash for safety. Choosing the right savings account is a good step to getting your financial house in order. Connected Can […]


10 Easy Steps to Money-Saving Shopping

  By: Eduwardo Ramirez Shopping can be an expensive proposition, whether it be clothes, food, or electronics. Taking a few simple steps can save you a lot of money. Luckily, once learned, it will be very easy to implement these steps without thinking. Used If you are buying clothes, or household goods, buying at thrift shops […]


It Doesn’t Cost a Dime to Give a Child a Brighter Future!

By: Elizabeth Dreckman It’s the time of year when Arizona’s children head back to school.  For some of them, future is looking much brighter thanks to scholarships from Arizona School Choice Trust. Founded in 1993, Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) is the oldest and most experienced School Tuition Organization in Arizona.  The mission of ASCT is […]


Credit Cards and the College Student

  This month, thousands of students return to college campuses across the United States for another year of academic enrichment. If the phrase “academic enrichment” sounds like one that an “academic” would use, well, I’m “guilty as charged.” Having taught writing and literature at various colleges and universities for 16 years, I know firsthand that […]

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