The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Managerial Promotion

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The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Managerial Promotion

For many people, being offered a position to a managerial position is something that they have always dreamed of. It gives them a bit more authority within the community and puts them one step further to their ultimate career goal. But are all managerial promotions really worth it?

It’s true that there is a lot to weigh up when you are offered a promotion, no matter to which position it might be. However, when you are offered the role of manager, there is a bit more that needs to be taken into consideration.

Here are a few of the main pros and cons that you need to think about when making your decision.

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Pro: Compensation

Firstly, one of the biggest plus points about taking a new managerial role is the extra money that you will receive. All promotions will come with a pay rise, but moving up to the management level should give you a considerable raise. Not only that, though, but you might be now eligible for more bonuses as well.

Con: Legal Liabilities

Managerial employees often face a lot more legal responsibilities than standard workers. For instance, you will need to start signing contracts and will need to ensure that the employees who answer you are legally safe. If you are ever unsure about this aspect of the work, you could always as the Law Offices of George Birnbaum or a similar law firm to review things for you. It’s best to always get a second opinion rather than risk any legal liabilities.

Pro: Still Room For Further Promotion

Just because you are a manager now, there is no reason why you can’t continue to climb further up career ladder. There is often a managerial hierarchy in place in most companies, so you could always try to work your way up this. You might even be able to move to a different company and land a job in a higher position.

Con: Still Have To Answer To Someone

Unfortunately, though, as there is still room for further promotion, that also means that you will still have someone to answer to. After all, you’re not the boss – just yet! So, it’s worth thinking about whether this would worry you. If you do want a role with even more responsibility that places you at the top of the career ladder, though, you might need to take this promotion just to get the experience under your belt.

Pro: Responsible For Employees

You will have a lot of responsibility for the employees you manage. This can give you a lot more experience in people management and liaising between different departments in the company. If you think that you will thrive off this new responsibility and managing others then you should take on the promotion as you could really relish it.

Once you’ve considered all of the above points, then you should find that deciding about your promotion gets a lot easier. You’ll no doubt find even more pros and cons if you research online further.