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5 Best Tips You Need To Know When Testing Your Small Business Website

Before a piece of software goes to market and becomes available for you to download, it will go through a very long process of testing to make sure that it is ready for people to use. During this time, the tools will be used on a variety of systems, under loads of different circumstances, and […]


How Google + Can Grow Your Business

Social Media can be a huge tool in your quest to generate leads and build a brand. Google+ is just the newest tool you had to add to your arsenal. Below are some tips on how to get your marketing plan started on Google+. As thousands of users rush to create Google+ pages for their […]



I wanted to share with you a portion of Financial Bin’s recently released book called Entrepreneur Intervention: Triumphs & Failures of Entrepreneurs. The part included below is written by Chris Sonjeow, founder of LoveBook. Chris talks about what he has learned since starting his company and I think it is something we can all benefit […]


Why Customer Interaction Is Valuable to Long-Term Relationships

Although there are many types of long-term relationships, the ones you build with your customers are precious. Each customer is a messenger with regard to your company’s policies. The roadside is paved with many different corporations who felt that “good enough” was the way to go. This is the fastest and easiest way to work with the […]


The Groupon Experience

A little over a year ago, a company called Groupon contacted me. “Have you heard of LivingSocial?” the salesperson asked. I had, but I wasn’t very familiar with the company, and I had never purchased a “deal” before. He explained to me that Groupon was a website that offered a daily deal ranging in 50-90% […]


The Social Connection: Is Social CRM the New Missing Link?

Many reading this may want to know what CRM is and how CRM and social CRM differ.  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  This is the process of managing customer interaction and data within a company.  CRM provides a maintenance platform, while social CRM provides a maintenance platform as well as a way to interact […]

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