Definite Do’s and Destructive Don’ts In The Workplace

workplace safety

Keeping yourself and others safe at work is an act we should all strive to do on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that employee safety is top of the priority list for many large and small corporations.

Whether you’re an employee or a boss there are a few short and sweet pointers that can keep you safe from harm in a working environment. Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation by taking simple precautions and keeping your workspace a harmless, happy place.  

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Going It Alone: How To Transition From A Worker To A Small Business Owner

transition from a worker to a small business owner

There comes a time for everyone when they become sick and tired of listening to a boss and doing things the way someone else wants them done. It’s only natural and normal to want to branch out on your own and do things your way. However, not many people actually follow through and end up doing that.

That’s why you should be different and try to make that transition from a worker to a small business owner with your future in your own hands. Here’s how you can make it happen and make a success of it.

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Gig Economy: What It Is And How To Survive

the gig economy

The Origins Of The Gig

Part of being a millennial – or even one of the other generations that have been so influenced by millennials – means waving goodbye to workplace traditions, especially the archaic nine to five. That is why so many people have joined the freelance ranks; it is to work when and where they want.

Of course, this isn’t just because of millennials. It also has a lot to do with the 2008 economic meltdown where unemployment boomed and people began to take whatever work they could get the desperate hands on. Side hustles became full-time gigs, and this was the eureka moment for so many. It was the moment freelancing became mainstream. We’re talking about almost 35% of the workforce.

What made the gig economy official, though, was Uber. That thing burst onto the scene and changed everything. It gave people the chance to try their hand at the whole freelancer thing without much risk. Since then, Uber has become the status quo. It has changed it all.

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The Power Shift Within Education & How It Affects Your School Years

Education is a huge financial investment, and at its fundamental core, the business model fueling most universities and colleges is to provide education and facilities in return for a fee.  Therefore, from a legal perspective, a student is in contract with their college, as a form of consumer contract – whereby the college is the … Read more

Smash Your Next Job Interview With These Confidence-Boosting Tips

smash your next job interview

A job interview is no doubt a scary situation. No matter how many job interviews you’ve attended in the past, it’s important to build up the confidence you need to appear charismatic and reliable to the interviewers in order to improve your chances of landing a job.

However, people often find this difficult but there’s not exactly a way to practice a job interview. So to remedy your worries, we’ve put together a helpful list of confidence-boosting tips that will help you smash your next job interview.

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3 Industries That Fare Well In Bad Times

industries that fare well in bad times

There’s a lot of jobs out there nowadays, and no longer are we without any choice when it comes to choosing what we want to do later on in life. When a recession hits, all job sectors across the globe are affected. Small and big businesses alike are hit with problems they can’t keep up with, and the amount of money that can be lost from even the baseline profit can put a lot of them into shutdown.

However, there’s quite a few fields of work that recover the fastest and stay strong throughout such a bad time. If you’re looking for a career that has an extra element of job security to it, this is the list for you.

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4 Helpful Tips On How To Enhance Your Career This Year

Helpful Tips On How To Enhance Your Career This Year

As the new year has finally begun, it’s understandable that you want to begin concentrating on your career a little more so that you can regain the money that was drained from your bank account over the Christmas period.

However, it can be hard to find a new or second job with the new year upon us as all businesses are looking to reduce hours due to the quieter period now that the festivities are over. Luckily, there are some easy steps that you can take right now which will enhance your career prospects this year and set you up for a lifetime.

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On The Road: Set Up Your Office Anywhere

Set Up Your Office Anywhere

Whether you are a top filmmaker needing office space whilst you film your latest blockbuster, or a building surveyor looking to relocate your workers to a faraway town until you complete work on the development you are about to start, setting up an office from pretty much anywhere is now doable thanks to the various advances that have taken place in technology.

With the below tips, how to move will be the least of your concerns, making where to move to a real dilemma if you haven’t decided on this yet. Here’s how to set up your office from anywhere.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Withdraw A Job Offer

withdraw a job offer

It is important to remember as an employer and an employee that someone is always within their rights to withdraw a job offer or even reject one.

As a business owner you may feel under pressure when you are hiring for a job role and you could make the decision far too early. But don’t worry, if you decide that the person you have offered the job to is indeed not the right person, you are well within your rights to withdraw the offer and continue your search for the right employee.

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How To Be Productive In Your New Business While Working From Home

working from home

A lot of people love the idea of working from home. It’s a chance to work your own hours, being your own boss and doing something that you enjoy and feel passionate about. Of course, it isn’t always plain sailing, and those first few months and even years with your at-home business can be quite rocky and uncertain.

However, with no big man to pay, all profits are from your own hard work and it can be extremely rewarding. January is the time of year where so many people consider career changes and a lot start up on their own striving for a better home and work life balance. So I thought I would share with you some of the tips to help you make your new at home business a success.

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