The Data Security Plan Your Small Business Needed Yesterday

data security plan for your small business

Starting out as a small business owner, you have so many different concerns to juggle – have you got the product mix right? How best will you market yourself? Is your website up to scratch? Where will you find further rounds of funding?

But the security of your operation should be a primary consideration. Don’t wait until something bad happens to make sure you have the best plan. The Federation of Small Businesses estimates that a third of small businesses fall victim to online crime.

The effects of crime on small enterprises are felt much more keenly – there’s financial loss, disturbance to your business but also the impact on your company’s reputation to factor in. And yet small businesses are the most likely to cut corners on security measures in those cash flow lean start-up days.

But what exactly are the risks, and more importantly, how best do you protect yourself?

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How To Improve The Payroll For Your Business

improve the payroll

When it comes to running your own business, you’re going to want people working for you on tasks you simply couldn’t manage alone. As a result of all this labor, your employees deserve the world!

For what they do in their 9 to 5’s (and beyond!), rolling out the regular benefits entitled to them often feels like not enough. Yet, we can do more for them when we put a little more time and effort into what we’re offering as a boon to being on your payroll.

Remember: when the admin is all correct in the first place, a lot of job stability can flow outwards. So, what are some more ways you can improve the payroll in your business? Try out a few of the ideas below.

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Definite Do’s and Destructive Don’ts In The Workplace

workplace safety

Keeping yourself and others safe at work is an act we should all strive to do on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that employee safety is top of the priority list for many large and small corporations.

Whether you’re an employee or a boss there are a few short and sweet pointers that can keep you safe from harm in a working environment. Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation by taking simple precautions and keeping your workspace a harmless, happy place.  

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Stop Asking Why You Will Fail And Start Planning How You Will Succeed

planning how you will succeed

Are you thinking about setting up a business this year? You’re probably worried about that little statistic that while just a number, points to a worrying picture. 97 percent of startups fail in their first year.

Why does this happen? A business can fail for a lot of reasons, but rather than listing all of them; you should look at this from another angle.

Don’t get fixated on why businesses fail, consider why that 3 percent of businesses succeed. As it turns out that’s a much easier question to answer, and once you understand why they succeed, you can follow in their footsteps. So, let’s look at some of the traits of successful businesses.

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Is There Space For Your Product In Today’s Market?

space for your product

You may have an idea for a product and inspiration is firing off from every tip of your being, anxious to get it out into the world. But before you start the production process at full-throttle, make sure that you’re betting on the right horse.

Slow down and ask yourself these very important questions to gauge whether or not there’s space on the market for your product right now.

Does it have a simple premise?

How easily can you explain your product to your target market? Some products require no explanation because there are enough similarly positioned products to make it immediately intuitive.

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5 Of The Most Successful New Business Ideas On The Rise

successful new business ideas on the rise

With the plethora of startup business ideas that may rush through your head on a daily basis, it can be difficult to choose which is which is worth pursuing in the long term.

While jumping on a new trend can be a real risk, it also proffers the chance to be highly successful. There are also some ecommerce ideas that have been popular for some time making it a more competitive choice but far less risky.

Here are some examples of start-up business you may wish to look further into.

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4 Financial Keys To Develop A Successful Small Business

Financial Keys To Develop A Successful Small Business

If you look at the path of any successful entrepreneurs, the routes that they have taken to get there can look a little different. Some of them have finished college; some of them like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, dropped out to pursue their business.

Really, with a few of the right steps, anyone can make a business work, college degree or not. But how can you make your business really thrive and grow? Here are some essential keys to business success.

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Will Outsourcing Give Your Fashion Business A Boost?

fashion business

For any small business or startup, the money you had all planned out is going to be pretty tight. You are likely to have worked out exactly what you need in what areas as part of your business plan. Then you will have raised funds or borrowed accordingly. So often, there isn’t too much room for growth until you start making a profit that you can then reinvest in the business. But how can you help your business to grow, but still save money at the same time?

Outsourcing, when done in the right way, is a great way to save money and give your business a boost. It can improve your productivity as it has people working on the things that they are expert in. It also allows you to step away from some of the smaller jobs, like admin or payroll, that need to be done, but don’t necessarily need to take up your precious time as the business owner.

So if you’re looking to boost your fashion business, then here are some things that can be outsourced. So have a think to see if it would work or be scalable for your business in particular.

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3 Of The Most Important Strategies Everyone Should Know About SEO

strategies everyone should know about seo

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a little bit of a tricky subject because people often either get it confused with something else or they miss the point of it completely. Immediately, you’re probably wondering why on earth you need to know about SEO.

Surely, you say to yourself, that’s only relevant for online marketers. But actually, it could be important for a wide range of people.

After all, the number of tech jobs continue to grow in the world and let’s not forget that we all have to thrive online these days. Whether you’re using social media to find a new job or to boost your own personal brand online, knowing about SEO could be beneficial.

It is after all the bread and butter of all online marketing campaigns. So, what do you need to know?

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5 Services That Are The Key To Big Business

services that are key to big business 2

In business, it’s easy to believe that you have to build up everything you have from the ground up. And while that is often the case, especially when you start from scratch, it’s never something that you have to do alone. It’s a common misconception that to earn your stripes, you do literally have to work hard and accomplish everything on your own.

While the working hard part is very true, you’re definitely going to get to where you want to be by bringing in help. Because there’s no I in team and no man is an island.

From building your image and drumming up sales, to expanding and generally conquering the world, it’s never going to be something you can do alone. Instead, you’re going to want to pull in some help, especially in these areas.

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