Recap of #EntrepreneurIntervention, #GEW Twitter Chat with Jeff Grandfield of @TheLeaseCoach

This is the Twitter transcript of Financial Bin’s chat with Jeff Grandfield of The Lease Coach on Wednesday, November 16, 2011: @FinancialBin: What is The Lease Coach? @TheLeaseCoach: The Lease Coach provides commercial lease consulting services exclusively for tenants. @FinancialBin: What is your role with The Lease Coach? Could you please describe it? @TheLeaseCoach: Consulting and negotiating to/for #entrepreneurs and business … Read more

Recap of #EntrepreneurIntervention, #GEW Twitter Chat with @RoxyKlein of

This is the Twitter transcript of Financial Bin’s chat with Roxy Klein of on Tuesday, November 15, 2011: @FinancialBin: What is entrepreneurship to you? What does it take to be an entrepreneur? @RoxyKlein: To me, it is all about the American Dream. It takes drive, energy, determination, and creativity to be an entrepreneur. @FinancialBin: What was your first … Read more

How to Make Money With CPA Basics

Overview Making money online is becoming more commonplace as technology advances. The internet has advanced to the point where nearly anyone who can read has the ability to have a website or blog. Once you have your own online business you can add extra income by working with Cost Per Action (CPA) networks. These companies … Read more

How to Open a Housewares Boutique

Overview Housewares encompass all of the miscellaneous items you use in your home. Curtains and towels, pots and pans, and even wall hangings all fall in the category of housewares. Large retail stores have entire sections devoted to these items. Small, specialty boutiques offer housewares that are not available in the big-box stores. You can … Read more

How to Become a High School Motivational Speaker

  Overview Children are not born with genetic reactions to difficult situations. There is no inborn knowledge of how to act when a friend dies. No one is born knowing how to approach life after a natural disaster. These thoughts and reactions become even more muddled as the child becomes a teen and prepares to … Read more

How to Start a Rental Inspection Company

  Overview Rental inspection companies work under contract to property management companies. A rental inspector knows the proper way to build a house, or apartment complex, from the ground up. An inspector is trained in the mechanical systems, framing and climate control. You can start a rental inspection company once you have the training necessary … Read more

How to Become a Video Choreographer

Overview Music videos are filled with dancers seemingly moving to the rhythm of the song playing in the background. These professional performers are actually timing the movements of the dance to match the script written by the video choreographer. A choreographer is someone who designs dances. A video choreographer is the elite in her field. … Read more

Promoting Your Business With Social Media

Today, people running a business can’t afford to not run social media promotions concerning their business. Anyone who is worth anything is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, or has a business blog. I personally have all the above with the exception of LinkedIn. I use all of these social media sites to promote both of my businesses. … Read more