May 27, 2017

On Motivating Others

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By: Jeff Gitterman As an employer, my interest is in creating long term changes that hopefully lead to better moral and ethical decisions from both me and my employees.  With this in mind, I’ve generally found that there are two ways to go about motivating others.  The first is to affect them through fear and […]

Jeff Gitterman: On Giving

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By: Jeff Gitterman In the conventional sense, philanthropy means “love for mankind, usually demonstrated by giving money to, or doing work for, other people.” When it comes to financial philanthropy, most people who give generously are those who already consider themselves wealthy. As a financial advisor, I’ve seen this time and time again, and this […]

Market Matters Debut: Portfolio Armor’s Dave Pinsen Joins Aaron & Dave to Discuss Jobs Numbers, Muni Market, Barclays, & QE3

Market Matters

  In the debut episode of Market Matters on Google+ Hangout, hosts David Domzalski (Financial Bin founder) and Aaron Klein (Riskalyze CEO) invited David Pinsen from Portfolio Armor to touch on — 1. The unemployment and jobs numbers 2. The possibility of another round of quantitative easing 3. Stockton, CA and other municipality bankruptcies — […]

Jeff Gitterman: Setting Goals

jeff gitterman

As a financial advisor, I often tell my clients that the most important investment they can ever make is that of their energy and attention in their future, as I’ve seen first-hand what happens when people learn to consciously direct their thoughts toward the future they want to create.  When I give seminars, I’ll often […]

U.S. charitable giving approaches $300 billion in 2011


By Michelle Nichols NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. donations to charity rose to $298.42 billion last year, but were still $11 billion below a 2007 record as nonprofits battle through the sector’s second-slowest recovery from recession in 40 years, a study released on Tuesday said. Giving by Americans increased 4 percent in 2011 compared with […]

Crisis has barely begun: GLG hedge fund manager Baz

Monaco /

By Laurence Fletcher MONACO (Reuters) – The global financial crisis has barely started and is likely to last for at least another 15 to 20 years as major economies cut debt levels, according to Jamil Baz, one of Europe‘s most prominent hedge fund managers. Baz, chief investment strategist at GLG Partners, told the GAIM 2012 […]

Asia, Not North America, Now Has Most Millionaires

Bangkok, Thailand (

By Joseph A. Giannone NEW YORK (Reuters) – Weakening economies that roiled markets last year also took their toll on the world’s rich, though faster-growing Asia for the first time had more millionaires than North America, according to a study released on Tuesday. A new report said the global personal wealth of people with $1 […]

Analysis: Big Greek Risk Morphs into More Economic Uncertainty

A Greek flag flies behind a statue to European unity outside the European Parliament in Brussels ahead of an EU informal heads of state summit May 22, 2012. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

By Alan Wheatley, Global Economics Correspondent LONDON (Reuters) – Greece‘s election has averted the immediate threat of a euro break-up, but it does nothing to restore the magic ingredient missing in the European and global economies – confidence. Investors and corporate executives are paid to calculate risk. But they cope badly with uncertainty, and the […]

Baby Boomers to Kids: Inheritance? Maybe Not

Mariangela Petrone of Bronx, New York, rides an all-terrain vehicle she wrapped in the final round of the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest in New York December 3, 2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine-Scotch Brand/Handout

By Jennifer Hoyt Cummings / REUTERS (Reuters) – Most young, wealthy Americans believe it’s important to pass money on to their heirs. They may be disappointed to learn that their parents don’t feel the same way. In an annual survey of the wealthy released on Monday by U.S. Trust, a division of Bank of America […]

Investors Group Financial Services’ Kareim M. Abbouda Shares How Financial Advisors Can Help When A Loved One Passes

Kareim M. Abbouda

By: Kareim M. Abbouda, Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services The reason I was interviewed was because of my experience in estate transfer issues. Intergenerational wealth transfer continues to grow in Canada as baby boomers age and retire. There is an estimated CAD$70 billion that will change hands over the next ten years from one generation […]