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How to Get a Job Writing Small Quotes for a Paper

Overview Newspapers are, of course, filled with news but also with many fillers. Humor columns, comics and puzzles provide entertainment between the hard news items. Places within the pages of a newspaper offer enlightenment, and quotes from historical figures lead the reader to truths he may not have considered before reading these small snippets of […]


Remembering to Find the Joy in What We Do

As entrepreneurs, we tend to wear many different hats. We can envision where we see our business going, but as time passes, things change (for good or bad). When we start out, becoming an entrepreneur and having our own business is fun. It’s enjoyable and we actually look forward to everything we are going to […]


How to Become a High School Motivational Speaker

  Overview Children are not born with genetic reactions to difficult situations. There is no inborn knowledge of how to act when a friend dies. No one is born knowing how to approach life after a natural disaster. These thoughts and reactions become even more muddled as the child becomes a teen and prepares to […]


How to Be a Cable Subcontractor

Overview Cable companies hire subcontractors to install and maintain hardware at each customer’s home. This is not just a job but a business opportunity. If you have the education and training to install cable television, Internet and telephone services, you can profit from this need. A strong background in construction and business will put you […]


How to Become a Video Choreographer

Overview Music videos are filled with dancers seemingly moving to the rhythm of the song playing in the background. These professional performers are actually timing the movements of the dance to match the script written by the video choreographer. A choreographer is someone who designs dances. A video choreographer is the elite in her field. […]


How to Create a Reglazing Company

Overview Tubs, sinks and other glazed fixtures provide smooth, solid surfaces that allow the homeowner to sterilize the surfaces in order to maintain the health and safety of family and friends. Over time, the glaze will become worn, giving those fixtures a dull appearance that is more difficult to clean. Unfortunately for the homeowner, replacing […]


How to Open a New Restaurant With Bookkeeping

Overview Opening a new restaurant is a financially risky proposition. According to Ohio State Research News, more than half of all new restaurants fail in the first year of operations. These failures are due to three main factors; insufficient startup funding, inexperienced owners and a lack of basic bookkeeping skills. These factors can be negated […]

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