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Promoting Your Business With Social Media

Today, people running a business can’t afford to not run social media promotions concerning their business. Anyone who is worth anything is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, or has a business blog. I personally have all the above with the exception of LinkedIn. I use all of these social media sites to promote both of my businesses. […]


How to Create a Reglazing Company

Overview Tubs, sinks and other glazed fixtures provide smooth, solid surfaces that allow the homeowner to sterilize the surfaces in order to maintain the health and safety of family and friends. Over time, the glaze will become worn, giving those fixtures a dull appearance that is more difficult to clean. Unfortunately for the homeowner, replacing […]


Why Your Business Should Be Modeled After Abraham Lincoln’s Life

When you start your business, your goal should be to go from nothing to something great that changes people’s lives while earning you a living.  This is much like Abraham Lincoln, who grew up in poverty and battled depression — but never stopped persevering and never accepted defeat.  Lincoln went on to become one of the […]


How to Open a New Restaurant With Bookkeeping

Overview Opening a new restaurant is a financially risky proposition. According to Ohio State Research News, more than half of all new restaurants fail in the first year of operations. These failures are due to three main factors; insufficient startup funding, inexperienced owners and a lack of basic bookkeeping skills. These factors can be negated […]


Start A Non-Profit: How To Gain 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status

Here it is: The toughest part of starting your nonprofit charity: learning how to gain 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt status! First of all, the only thing that makes it difficult is that it’s a fairly long form to fill out with a lot of information. To put it simply, the IRS is going to decide to […]

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