By: Elizabeth Dreckman Each year, companies that do business in Arizona are eligible to participate in the corporate tax credit program – it’s free to participate, as it’s simply a redirection of your state tax liability to a scholarship program. For doing so, your company can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. This year’s new fiscal … Read more

A Solution to the Education Crisis: Arizona Paving the Way

You’ve read the dismal facts and figures: only 76.1% of Arizona children graduate from high school. There are 90,000 students in Arizona at schools that receive D-grades – enough children to fill a stadium.  These facts and figures are not just heady factoids, they equate to a very real and urgent problem for employers – … Read more

Suspended Canadian Teacher Lynden Dorval On His Suspension & What’s Next (Part #2)

Lynden Dorval

On Monday, we shared with you Part #1 of our interview with Lynden Dorval, the teacher suspended for giving students grades of “zero.” If you didn’t get the chance to see Part #1, check it out here. Here is Part #2, where Lynden explains why he didn’t appeal the suspension, the tendency to think that … Read more

Suspended Canadian Teacher Lynden Dorval Explains the ‘No-Zero’ Policy (Part #1)

Lynden Dorval

By now, you have probably heard about the case of Lynden Dorval, the Canadian teacher suspended for giving students grades of zero. Financial Bin contacted Lynden to get his side of the story and learn more about the entire situation. Lynden was kind enough to respond to all of our questions and gave some really … Read more

Management Tip of the Day: Curate your personal job feed

BOSTON (Reuters) – Looking for a job today can seem to require an advanced degree in data analysis, but there are ways to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of job boards, social networks, apps and more, says Harvard Business Review. The Management Tip of the Day offers quick, practical management tips and ideas from Harvard Business … Read more

Young Money President Todd Romer Talks Gen Y Finances, Why He Started Young Money, & His Belief That Failure is the Key to Success

  On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Todd Romer, President of Young Money Events and Founder of Young Money Magazine spoke with Financial Bin’s David Domzalski about personal finances and entrepreneurship for Gen Y. He also explained the reason he started Young Money Magazine and Young Money Events — AND why he believes FAILURE is necessary for … Read more

Did You Just Graduate College Without a Job? Here Are A Few Options …

  We have all seen the headlines. It’s been a common occurrence for a few years now. College students are graduating with little or no job prospects. Questions like the one posed here on a Yahoo! message board are all too common. Articles like this one talk about how over half of the graduates 25 years … Read more